Israel disturbed by growth of Iran-German trade

Israeli daily Jerusalem Post quoted Tel Aviv’s Ambassador to Bonn, Yoram Ben-Ze’ev saying that he is “deeply disturbed about the growth of trade between Germany and Iran”. He also stated that he has asked “the German government on all levels to close” the Hamburg-based Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank (EIH) bank. Earlier, the Israel Hasbara organs such as Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Stop The Bomb, etc. made a similar appeal to ‘Israel-First’ German Chancellor Angela Markel, claiming that the EIH bank is helping the ‘anti-Semite’ Tehran’s nuclear program.

Interestingly, with Usrael’s four sanctions against the Islamic-regime and a ZOG in place in Bonn – Germany is Iran’s No.1 European trade partner. Many mid-level German businesses use EIH to conduct transactions with the Islamic Republic.

The EIH bank has been source of contention between Israel and Germany. In summer, Ben Obama asked Angela Markel on behalf of Israel to pull the plug on the bank. On his part, Ben Obama, extended the 30-year-old freeze on Iranian assets in the US. Originally, Jimmy Carter, put the freeze on Iranian assets worth US$14 billion as a revenge to students’ occupation of US Embassy in Tehran which lasted for 444 days. Some of the documents taken from the Embassy proved that it was planning an anti-Islamic Revolution activities. According to Gary Sick of Columbia University – the US freeze amounts to US$300,000 per day per American hostage. Kenneth Taylor who was Ottawa’s Ambassador in Tehran (1977-80), and helped some of the US Embassy staff to eascape – later admitted he acted as CIA Head in Iran.

As per the Algiers Accord (1979-81) which ended in the release of all the remaining hostages, Washington agreed to return all the money to Iran – which it never did. The value of those assests could be as high as US$28-30 billion in today’s market.

Jewish groups have so far been able to squeeze US$93 billion from German taxpayers.

US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, in response to Benji Netanyahu’s assertion in Washington that the US must attack Iran to stop its nuclear program – said that though the military option is still on the table – however, the sanctions are bitting the Islamic-regime in Tehran.

During the first eight months of the current year – German exports to Iran were worth 2.5 billion euros and imports from Iran were worth 535 million euros. In 2009, exports from Germany to Iran stood at 3.7 billion euros.

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