Guinea – Christians’ massacre and rape of Muslims

Last year, the former French colony, Guinea (French Guinea) with a Muslim population of over 85% (Christians 8% and traditional African religion 7%) – was ruled by a Christian military dictator, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara (born 1964) who took power in a military coup in December 28, 2008. On December3, 2009 – on the advice of the French government took exile in Burkina Faso.

On September 28, 2009 – over 35,000 people gathered at Conakry Stadium for a peaceful rally against the barbaric rule of the Christian minority against the Muslim majority. According to the Human Rights Watch investigation report released on October 27, 2009 confirmed the murder of at least 150 protesters and ganged rape of several dozen women (mostly Muslims) by the Presidential Guards, the anti-riot police and civilian-clothed Christian gangsters – who stormed into the packed stadium before Noon, closed all the exit doors and started firing on the terrified crowed. The women were undressed and raped in front of the crowed.

The protest rally was attended by the Opposition party (UFDG) leader and former Prime Minister Cellou Dalein Diallo. Cellou is expected win the second round of voting held on Monday in country’s Presidential election.

The International Human Rights called on authorities to investigate allegations by the Civil Rights leader Mamadou Aliou Barry that he suffered a broken arm after security forces subjected him to beatings during a recent brief detention.

Fahad Ansari, a London-based journalist wrote on the September 28, 2009 massacre:

“Sexual assaults began minutes after the security forces stormed the stadium. Large numbers of women were stripped, humiliated and raped; some were sexually assaulted with gun barrels, rifle butts, bayonets and other implements. Many others were taken away and held in extra-judicial detention location and subjected to repeated gang rape over a number of days, while being forced to consume alcohol and drugs.

Victims and witnesses described how women trying to climb walls or scale over fences to escape were pulled down or forced to descend under threat of being shot. Those found under stadium chairs or tables were violently pulled out. After overpowering their victims, the perpetrators then ripped or cut off their clothes with a knife, often cutting victims in the process. After pinning their victims to the ground or across the stadium seats, the perpetrators then took turns raping them in quick succession.

Numerous witnesses described groups of up to 10 victims being raped simultaneously in close proximity to each other by individuals or groups of perpetrators. The rapes took place inside the stadium and in several areas around the stadium grounds, including the nearby bathroom and shower area, the basketball courts, and the annex stadium. The sexual violence was most often accompanied by degrading insults and death threats made all the more terrifying by the indiscriminate killing of demonstrators going on around them. Many victims described the sheer terror that they experienced as the perpetrators argued over whether or not to kill them, or pledged to kill them after they were done with raping. In several cases, witnesses saw these threats being carried out, including one woman who was shot through her vagina while lying face up on the stadium field, begging for her life.

Girls as young as 17 endured horrific and brutal gang rape as well as women in their 60s. No mercy was shown on that day. A 57-year-old woman, who revealed black and blue marks on numerous parts of her body and scars on her right arm, chest, and buttocks to Human Rights Watch, described the attack during which she was also raped by a soldier:

“I tried to escape but I’m old and cannot run very fast. I am really suffering. One soldier cut off my clothes with a knife until I was completely naked. He stabbed me in the buttocks and then raped me, while others beat me with the butt of their guns and kicked me. I pleaded with the one violating me and said, “No, don’t do this, I am your mother.” But he said, “You think you’re my mother? Hah!’ Then he beat me some more. I am a Hadjji and even I was left completely naked. I don’t know why they did this.”

Civilians in residential areas who began to protest the killing were in turn assaulted and shot at by the army. Homes were looted, residents detained, and property destroyed. For several days, additional abuses — murder, rape, pillage — were committed by members of the security forces…..”

Guinea won independence from From France under the leadership of Ahmed Sekou Toure (died in 1984 in office) in October 1958.

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3 Responses to Guinea – Christians’ massacre and rape of Muslims

  1. Muj Attia says:

    With the November 15, 2010 results of the the Guinea elections being announced I believe that the Fulani people-men and women, were raped again !

  2. barry says:

    these alleged crimes sound less widespread than what indonesian backed muslim paramilitaries did against the christian majority east timorese, in fact over 200,000 catholics were murdered and many more females raped until the american government finally pressured indonesia to stop the genocide.
    crimes serbs did against muslims (ethnic albanians )is another issue-those islamic enclaves were the result of muslim turkish invasions during the ottoman empire. the jihadists stole much of the former east roman empire (christian) using mass rape and enslavement without any apology, meanwhile the pope is expected to apologise for the crusades?-the crusades began as a defense 2 centuries AFTER muslims started attacking christian lands across north africa, the middle east and central asia.

  3. rehmat2 says:

    barry – I hate burst your Jewish baloon – but the great majority of Indonesian military elites have always been Christians. We still been fed with the propaganda lies how Christian Nazis killed ‘Six Million’ Jews – without acknowledging the fact that 150,000 of those so-called “Christian Nazis” were German Jews.

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