Canada gets its first Muslim Mayor

Last month, Professor Naheed Nenshi 38 (Mount Royal University) became the first Muslim Mayor in Canada by beating Rick Mclver for Calgary Mayoral race with a wide margin. Rick Mclver was supported by Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper’s campaign team and funded by the Jewish lobby groups.

During the campaign, Naheed’s office was vandalized by the Islamophobe mafia, but he stood to his principles.

In his victory speech, Naheed Nenshi, said: “I don’t shy away from anything – I can’t. It’s who I am. the color of my skin, my faith (a Muslim Canadian), the neighbourhood I grew up in, my education, my experience and ideas are all part of the crazy package that makes up Naheed and the part of the crazy package that makes up Calgary (Alberta)”.

“My hope is that every kid waking up this morning in (Calgary) when their parents showed the newspaper or turned on the TV – regardless of background, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of income or faith, said: “Vow, in Canada and Calgary I can do anything,” he added.

Imam Zijad Delic, the national executive of the Canadian Islamic congress (CIC), said that Nenshi’s election is a positive thing for the Muslim community – but not that should have come as a surprise.

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