Satan against the Quran

The Bible has Synagogue of Satan and the Iranian House of Cartoons have been collecting and displaying political and social cartoons from around the world since May 1998.

In the past, it had conducted cartoon contest on Holocaust and Israeli attack on Gaza. Currently, it is conducting an International Cartoon and Caricature competition, titled, Satan against the Quran.

The competition is in response to the American Zionist priest’s to burn copies of Holy Qur’an on September 11, 2010.

Some 106 cartoons from 14 countries have been submitted to the International Virtual and Caricature and Cartoon Exhibition so far. See them here.

Works by the artists from Iran, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, China, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine are currently online.

The artists across the world have time to submit their works to the event by January 2011.

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