Election 2010 – Obama vs Jewish votes

When it comes to character assassination, no one can beat Israel Hasbara (propaganda) army. These days Obama and Ahmadinejad are competing for the stop slot.

Ahmadinejad has earned all the known titles from Israel and its ‘poodles’ around the world – ranging from “anti-Semite” to “holocaust denier” and from “Hitler” to “a self-hating Jew”. all these titles’ background comes down to Tehran’s moral and financial support for Islamic resistance groups (Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad) fighting Israeli Zionist thugs.

On the ther hand, Ben Obama, who breaths, talks and bully like any born-Zionist leader would do – his character assassination by Israel and the Jewish Lobby is very puzzling to an ordinary onlooker. In September 2010, in his address at the Herzliya Conference in Israel – former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit said that Barack Obama “sees Israel as a stone in his shoe”. Then during Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly, Israeli ambassador took ‘leave of absence’ for the first time since the Zionist joined the world body through the backdoor. Last month, Americans were shocked to learn that three of Obama’s top Jewish advisers were quiting on him. The three were Rahm Israel Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff, David Axelrod, Chief Political Adviser and Larry Summers, Chief Economic Adviser.

Mark Glenn, an American Catholic writer and author, called these events a bad omen: “At best, this “exodus” from the Obama White House indicates that the same Jewish interests who view Obama as ‘their boy’ are planning to open the closet doors (kept strategically closed until now) and release the well-prepared flood of embarrassing (or possibly incriminating) skeletons before the world body just mere weeks before mid-term Congressional elections. In the same manner as Bill Clinton was forced to deal with the tsunami of embarrassing media noise concerning his tryst with the aforementioned Israeli asset Monica Lewinsky (done in the interests of pressuring him to bend to Israel’s demands) Obama too may be forced to deal with his own issues as Israel puts the screws to him in trying to get him to cry “uncle” viz-a-viz war with Iran and the settlements issue……”

If that was not enough, on October 12, 2010 – American Jewish Committee (AJC) released results of its survey, which showed that Obama’s ratings among the US Jewish population (less than 2%) is at the lowest point – from 78% (in November 2008) down to 51% (in September 2010).

So whom the Americans would be voting in the midterm elections in November 2010? As the Obama administration tries to mend its strained ties with the Zionist entity, strategists say US policy on Israel could influence several battleground House and Senate races this fall.

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