Iran gets ‘thumbs-up’ from UN Agencies

The United Nations Day was celebrated on October 24, 2010 – around the world by the members of the world organization.

On the occasion of United Nations Day on October 24th, different representatives of the world body held a press conference in the Iranian capital, Tehran. They praised the help the Islamic Republic provides to the refugees and admired the country’s role in combating narcotics.

The UN High Commission for Rufugees (UNHCR) representative in the Islamic Republic, Carlos Zaccagnini, said on Sunday that “the works, efforts and resources” that the Iranian government and people provide in assistance to the refugees is exemplary.

“This (Iran’s help) is exemplary and it is the best practice compared to any other refugee related situation in the world today. This is something that, in my view, Iranians should be proud of,” Zaccagnini added.

Antonio De Leo, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) representative in Iran, said in the meeting that the Islamic Republic is in the vanguard of fight against drug trafficking and abuse.

“There are a lot of efforts being done also in the areas of treatment which deserves the acknowledgment and recognition of the international community,” De Leo pointed out.

According to UNODC report 2010 – In Europe about 19% of men purchase sexual services from sex workers. About 1 in 7 of these sex workers are victims of trafficking by organized criminal groups. These groups, in turn, gross over $32 billion (in 2006)annually. Each of these cases are individual tragedies. But taken together this data shows how public policy is failing to protect hundreds of thousands of women from exploitation and abuse.

Like in the previous reports, UNODC, has named Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Moldova, Nigeria, Thailand and Ukraine among the countries that are the greatest sources of trafficked persons. Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey and the United States are cited as the most common destinations.

Since Islamic Revolution (1979), Iran has suffered Asia’s highest brain-drain to the US and other western countries. On the other hand, the country has topped the list of the world nations in looking after the refugees from various foreign countries. According to UNHCR, Islamic Republic has been host to world’s one-third largest refugee population of 716,000 refugees. However, it reched its peak in 1991 when Islamic Republic looked after over four million refugees, consisting of three million refugees from neighboring Afghanistan.

Interestingly, UN Human Rights Watch (October 8, 2010), singled out Islamic Republic for the only one execution in 2010 – of Molla Gol Hassan, a 21 year-old Afghan citizen who at age 17 killed a fellow Afghan, Fakhr al’din, in Iran while trying to steal money from him. However, its lips were sealed on plight of Canadian youth, Omar Khadr, now turned 23, has been rottening at America’s concentration camp, the Guantánamo Bay, since he was 15-year-old. His crime, still to be proven in a court, is that he shot one of the US soldiers terrorizing villagers in Afghanistan.

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