Bangladesh refuses to fight Taliban

A few weeks ago, Ben Obama’s special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, a Zionist Jew who has long history of Israeli interests, urged Bangladesh foreign minister Dipu Moni during their meeting at the 65th session of UNGA in New York – to send its forces to fight Taliban in Afghanistan. India too have been campaigning to get Bangladesh involved in RAW-Mossad-CIA Axis of Evil – in order to let the two former Pakistani armies fight each other and destablize the only Muslim nuclear power, Pakistan.

The Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) site, the Search for International Terrorist Entities (S.I.T.E), published a report, titled, “Afghan Taliban reacts to US requesting troops from Bangladesh”. The S.I.T.E. organization was founded in 2002 by Rita Katz, an Iraqi-born Jewish woman whose father was hanged for spying for Israel during Saddam Hussein regime.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid seems to have sensed the criminal nature of India, Israel and the US – who want to get her country involved in the war which the US and NATO already have lost. She told members of her ruling party, Awami League, that her government has no intention of sending troops to Afghanistan.

 Air Commodore Khalid Iqbal in an article, titled, Bangladesh: A Pragmatic approach wrote:

Several foreign policy experts of Bangladesh expressed their reservations against sending combat forces to Afghanistan. Most of them thought that it would be contrary to Bangladesh’s foreign policy while both the countries, were members of the South Asian regional grouping of SAARC and had an historic link since the medieval age. An overwhelming opinion has that it will be a suicidal decision because the Afghan issue was made a military issue in someone’s interest and Bangladesh did not have any reason to be a party to it.

This decision by the leadership of Bangladesh would go down very well in the annals of history. Saner voices have since long been suggesting substitution of ISAF by a suitably mandated UN peace keeping mission. Such mission could be composed of troops from Muslim countries excluding those belonging to this region. Suitably composed UN peace mission would have greater acceptance amongst the people of Afghanistan. Countries contributing towards ISAF have already lost the will to contribute troops for an indefinite period. The Dutch contingent has already called it a day, and at least three other countries have indicated their tentative schedule to recall their troops.

Once a coalition of the willing, ISAF is now a conglomerate of the reluctant. Had Bangladesh taken a decision otherwise, there would have been a sever backlash by its own people. Moreover, in all probability, the Taliban would have taken their fight to Bangladesh.

Afghan war by any count is a lost cause, at least militarily. At the operational level two many cooks have spoiled the pie beyond redemption. Pakistan’s recent air and ground space violations indicate that if prudent rules of engagement are not implemented, the filed commanders have the potential to proliferate the conflict beyond control.

ISAF, NATO, American forces and CIA, all have their own purpose and concept of this war. Also there are regional actors, each vying for own pound of flesh. Replacement of ISAF by UN peace mission is indeed long overdue. Rest of the entities have dubious legal status; it is time for them to return to pavilion.

UNSC needs to rise to the occasion and intervene constructively. Afghanistan should be declared a neutral country, militarily and politically for at least next 20-25 years. Territorial integrity of Afghanistan should be underwritten by UNSC, by deploying a potent peace mission.  Afghanistan should raise its purpose built security outfit suited for counterinsurgency and maintenance of law and order. Major focus of the Afghan government and the Afghan people should be economic revival, restoration/ up-gradation of infrastructure and capability/ capacity enhancement of its human resource and institutions.

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One Response to Bangladesh refuses to fight Taliban

  1. Alex says:

    Bravo Bangladesh! Fighting Taliban is fighting for the ZioNazi tribe!

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