Hamas beyond Israeli propaganda

Palestinian Islamic Resistance group Hamas has been fighting against the Jewish occupation of its homeland, for over two decades now. After the martyrdom of its founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin at the hands of Zionazi Jews on March 21, 2004 – Khaled Mesh’al became the leader of the Resistance. He lives in exile in Damascus (Syria). After 2006 landslide victory, Hamas formed the government under the leadership of Ismail Haniya (born 1962). Since that day, Gaza Strip has been under the US, Israel and EU sanctions and embargo.

In July 2010, Khaled Mesh’al, gave an interview to Jordanian Arabic-language Al-Sabeel, covering Hamas’ policy over topics such as recognition of the Zionist entity, negotiation with the Zionist-regime, international relations, Zionists, Jews, etc.

Due to the great length of the interview, I have highlighted the important issues for the convenience of the readers.

1. Negotiation with enemy cannot bear meaningful results without military muscles (Ireland, South Africa, Algeria, Bosnia, Lebanon, etc. are the recent examples). Hamas is willing to negotiate with the Zionist regime if it show genuine eagerness for peace on justice, international laws and without preconditions. However, the Zionist regime has shown its contempt of peace negotiations in the past and has used them as a tool to grab more Arab land.

2. Hamas position on recognizing the Zionist entity is very clear and we don’t hide it. Giving recognition to Israel, as required by the western countries (the US, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, etc.) for opening up to Hamas and so it has become an obstacle to a meaningful dialogue between Palestinian and the world community. Recognition of Israel will mean legitimization of the foreign occupation and confering legitimacy upon Israel’s aggression, settlements, Judaisation, murders, arrests and other crimes against the Muslim and Christian native Palestinians.

3. Hamas is a grass-root Palestinian resistance against the Zionist occupation. It’s not separate from the other (religious or secular) resistance groups. It’s part of Palestinian people’ history of struggle and its Jihadi march, full of sacrifices, challenges, creativity, patience, endurance and determination to continue the march and overcome all obstacles.

4. Hamas’ relations with the world community is based on the principle of Palestinians right to struggle against the Zionist occupation to recover the land stolen from them. This right is part of international laws (UN Charter) and morally given by all religions.

5. Hamas has aligned itself with all the regimes in the region and beyond, who support Palestinian people’s struggle against the Zionist occupation and stand against American hegemony and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and stand in the way to let these foreign imperialist powers to rob the wealth of those countries.

6. Palestinians don’t fight Zionists because they’re Jews; they fight them because they’re the occupiers.

7. Christians are part of Palestinian struggle against the Zionist occupation. They’re even more oppressed under Israel rule than Muslims.

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