Obama: ‘I can prove I am not Muslim’

Indians are waiting for Ben Obama’s visit to their country in November on the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

While Ben Obama is deadly against Iran’s civilian nuclear program – he doesn’t see a problem with nuclear co-operation between Washington and New Delhi.

However, the Sikh community is really disappointed by the White House’s announcement that Ben Obama will not visit their holiest place, the Golden Temple, in Amritsar – because the President think that wearing the ‘Sikh turban’ inside the temple – would make him look like a Muslim and offend the powerful Jewish Lobby in the US. According to a recent survey, Jewish support for Ben Obama is on decline already. In 2008 election – Obama received 78% of Jewish votes.

Interestingly, Ben Obama had no problem wearing Jewish ‘Skull-cap’ when he visited Jews’ most holiest place ‘the Wailing Wall’ in July 2008 during his presidential campaign. (see picture top left).

Members of Obama’s White House team reportedly visited India last month and told Indian officials of their concerns. They ruled out Obama wearing the traditional scarf on his head. Indian officials were informally told that Obama wearing a headscarf to visit the Golden Temple may convey an image of him appearing to be a Muslim. This is one misinterpretation Obama’s advisors did not want at any cost, given the political sensitivities over this issue in the US.

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