Berlin Exhibition: ‘Hitler and the Germans’

Germany’s Jewish leaders have welcomed the first post-Nazi Hitler exhibition in Berlin – And they have their criminal reasons for that. Under Angela Markel – Germany has totally become an Israel’s political colony and thus the exhibition would be used to create more Islamophobia for the benefit of Israel.

The exhibition opened to public on October 15, 2010 and will run till February 6, 2011 at German Historical Museum. The exhibtion displays various Nazi uniforms, bronze Hitler busts of various sizes crown austere pedestals, a red paper lantern with a swastika floats in the air and a tiny toy model of the fuehrer stands behind a swastika-bedecked lectern.

The exhibition portrays the Nazis’ dual approach of making the German masses feel included in their movement while excluding those who they had identified as enemies, such as Jews, Gypsies, gays and the disabled. It illustrates the German masses’ willingness to support those policies. However, the historical facts that there were nearly 150,000 German Jews enlisted in the Nazi Army (watch video below) and Adolf Hitler’s both sexpots, Stefanie Isak and Eva Braun were Jewish. Furthermore, author Hennecke Kardel, has claimed Adolf Hitler to be Founder of Israel. Contrary to that no Gypsy or Muslim ever served in the Nazi Army.

Stephan Kramer of the Central Council of Jews said that the exhibition is being held at the most appropriate time and would help to dispel the ‘anti-Semite’ remakrs made by the former finance minister for Berlin, Thilo Sarrazin, in the German weekly newspaper Welt am Sonntag that “all Jews share a certain gene, like all Basques share a certain gene, that distinguishes these from other people.”

In fact Thilo Sarrazin’s remarks about Germany’s largest religious minority, Muslims, were even more racist. “Muslim immigrants across Europe were not willing or capable of integrating into western societies,” he said. “I do not need to accept anyone who lives on handouts from a state that it rejects, is not adequately concerned about the education of their children and constantly produces new, little headscarf-clad girls, he added.

He later apologized to Muslims for those racist remarks.

German President Christian Wulff in a speech said on October 3: “German must be open to those who come to us from all parts of the world – Germany needs them……. There is no doubt that Christianity belongs to Germany; there is no doubt that Judaism belongs to Germany … but Islam now also belongs to Germany.”

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