CNN fires Sanchez for telling the truth

On Friday, the CNN fired its well-known Cuban-American news anchor, Rick Sanchez for saying something which most of politically-aware people around the world already know.

On Thursday,  speaking to former comedian Pete Dominick on XM Sirius radio, Rick Sanchez stated that the Jews are not an “oppressed minority” and they control the news media.

Rick Sanchez was right of course as six Jewish families own 96% of American media, while Israel Asper’s CanWest owns 70% of Canadian media.

However, it’s not only the mainstream media which is owned by Jewish elite – but they also control the government, financial and military  establishments in the US. No US politician can think of crossing-line with the powerful Jewish lobby groups (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, etc.) without ruining his political career and his private life. Gilad Atzmon, an Israel-born Jew musician and writer once wrote: “The Israelis had realized long ago that it’s cheaper to buy the entire US political system that buying a tank”.

Earlier in July 2010, CNN had fired its Middle East editor Octavia Nasr, a Lebanese-American Christian, for showing her personal respect on the death of Lebanon’s Grand-Ayatullah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.

Ben Obama’s Israeli-Jew White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanual, who has just resigned – got Helen Thomas, a Lebanese-American Christian fired after her covering on White House press meetings for over 50 years. Her crime was that she told Rabbi David Nesenoff that the Western Jews now occupying Palestine should “get the hell out of there – and return to their ancestral countries”.

CNN was created by Ted Turner in 1980. Now the network is owned by Time-Warner.

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1 Response to CNN fires Sanchez for telling the truth

  1. gene willis says:

    and now mr.sanchez gets it in the backside from the very network he help push there anti white american ajenda.this is what happens when the truth about the jewish owned eveything is told.did hitler know more back then then the rest of the world?pick a side.

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