Alexandria conference on the death penalty

After realizing that bringing democracy to the Muslim nation-states always end-up victoty for the Islamic groups (Turkey, Gaza, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, etc.) – now, the Western secularists want to ‘modernize’ Islamic Penal Code (Shari’ah) as they did to the strict Biblical punishments for various crimes.

On Monday, 20 September 2010, Penal Reform International with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and partner Arab Centre for the Independence of the Judiciary and Legal Profession opened the second Alexandria conference on the death penalty in the Middle East and North Africa.

It’s interesting to note that while these so-called ‘human-right’ groups are so much worried about the death penality in non-White countries – they feel no shame for what is going on in their own backyard. For example, 35 states among United States’ 50 states still practice death penality. Furthermore, the US has world’s highest number of criminals on the death row and 2.1 million criminals in jails. Israel on the other hand, though abolished death penality a few decades ago, but it has the highest record of murdering and assassinating its opponents in foreign countries.

Abolitionists attending the Alexandria conference denounced the use of capital punishment, arguing that it was an ineffective deterrent to crime and constituted a form of state-sanctioned revenge. They pointed out that in most Arab countries capital crimes are tried in special courts, often using confessions extracted under torture and without guarantees of a fair trial.

I suppose these abolitionists never heard of murder statics, such as the US (0.04 per 1,000 per citizen) vs Saudi Arabia (0.001 per 1,000 per citizen) or Guatenamo Bay concentration cap or American Concentration Camps in Iraq or Israeli Khiam Camp in Lebanon.

According to Amnesty International, 58 UN-member states have not abolish death penality. The highest numbers of death penalities were carried out in China, followed by Iran (388), Iraq (120), Saudi Arabia (69), USA (52), Yemen (30), Sudan (9), Syria (8) and Japan (7).

Holy Qur’an demands punishment for only six offences – three of them with death penality. The Jewish Bible (OT) on the other hand, demands death penality for countless crimes, such as, murder, kidnapping, bestiality, adultery, homosexuality, being a false prophet (Jewish claim for Jesus), prostitution, rape, etc. However, since the Church created “the excuse” that Jesus paid for the sins of his followers – most of the Biblical punishments have been deleted from the “civilized West’s” penal code.

The six punishable crimes according to Holy Qur’an, although it condemn many other types of misbehaviors (gambling, consumption of pork, cheating, usury, backbitting, etc.), are:

1. Pre-planned murder

2. Street robbery

3. High treason against the state.

4. False accusation of adultery.

5. Adultery between people of good reputation.

6. Theft of a guarded object of value.

The first three crimes are punishable by death (the death penality for the third crime is practiced in almost every country, with the exception, in case of the criminal belongs to the ‘chosen people’). Traditional legal theory regarded the fifth crime (adultery) as justification for death by stoning under certain circumstances. The recent Israeli support for the convicted Iranian woman Sakineh who was not convicted for adultery but getting her husband murdered with the help of her lover.

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