More Chinese nuclear plants for Pakistan

To the great dismay of the Zionist Occupied Governments in the West – Qiu Jiangang, Vice-president of the state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) said on September 20, 2010 that his company is negotiating the sale of a 1000 MWe reactor to Pakistan.

It seems after building and operating successfully three of its home-made CPR-1000 reactors (allegedly developed from French design) – and after meeting its national electricity demands, the Chinese government feels that it is ready to join the lucrative nuclear export which has so far been monopolized by the US, Russia, France and North Korea.

So far, China has sold two pressurized water 300 MWe reactors to Pakistan only. One is operating at Chashma site since 2000 and the second is due to be commissioned by the end of this year. However, country’s acute shortage in electric power supply, it need several larger nuclear power-generating plants.

China had signed a contract in 2003 to supply three more 300 MWe reactors. However, since China joined the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in 2004, it has been dragging its feet to fulfill its committments.

In 2005, it was Washington which broke the NSG agreement by signing Indo-US Nuclear Deal, which both China and Pakistan rightfully considered a threat to their national security. With a stroke of pen, Dubya Bush made India part of “chosen nations” along with the Zionist entity which joined the group in the 1960s and its nuclear arsenal is being shielded by the US and the EU countries since then.

Now, since it has become official that Moscow will not make delivery of S-300 to Tehran – it shows Iranian cannot trust Moscow anymore. Therefore, China’s joining the nuclear reactors’ export could be a blessing in disguise for Tehran. Furthermore, in order to give Russia taste of its own medicine, some Iranian law-makers should their long-awaited support to the Islamic Resistance in Checnya.

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  1. Filozof says:

    Nuclear energy and weapons, all of them must be destroyed. otherwise the world will not

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