Obama dances to ‘His Master’s Voice’

Speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday, Ben Obama said, “Let me be clear once more: the United States and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with Iran, and the door remains open to diplomacy should Iran choose to walk through it…. But the Iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and confirm to the world the peaceful intent of its nuclear program”.

Does Ben Obama has similar “But” for the Zionist entity, whose leaders and Obama’s secretary of state Hillary Clinton keep threatening the Islamic Republic with “military option” every othe day!

Iran has not invaded any of its neighbors for the last 100 years – while the Zionist entity has invaded all of its neighbors since 1948. It’s still occupying lands belonging to Syria, Lebanon and the PA.

Contrary to Obama’s cunning remarks, Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul was more honest in his address on Thursday.  He said there is “no alternative to diplomacy” for dealing with Iran’s nuclear capabilities, reiterating that the Tehran Declaration, established jointly by Turkey, Iran and Brazil, provides a window of opportunity for talks.

Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his address, which was hacked by the Zionist mafia – emphasized that as a result of the US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan – terrorism, poverty, and destruction was imposed on their nations.

The Iranian president also blasted the Zionist regime’s siege of Palestinian lands and their repeated crimes and aggressions against Gaza and Lebanon with blessings from their Western supporters.

On the Iranian nuclear issue, President Ahmadinejad reiterated Iran’s readiness to resume talks based on the Tehran Nuclear Declaration, censuring the unjust imposition of anti-Iran sanctions by the UN Security Council. He also censured the world body’s inaction towards Israel’s nuclear activities.

Later talking to intellectuals and University lecturers, Dr. Ahmadinejad repeated his old statement that Tehran dosen’t need a nuclear arsenal to protect its sovereignity. Nuclear weapons are agreat danger to the safety of the public and cannot give victory over enemies. He cited Zionist entity as an example, which is known to have over 200 nuclear bombs but can not use it against either Hizbullah or Hamas – because the radiation would kill half of the Jewish population of Israel.

On Wednesday, Dr. Ahmadinejad was interviewed by Larry King 76 (Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, a Jew from Brookyln) at the Israeli propaganda organ CNN (Watch video at the bottom of this post). Larry King is a true American icon. He has married eight times with seven women (he married his third wife twice). He is splitting from his current wife Shawn Southwick 50 – both accusing each other of adultery, which is punishable with stoning or lashes.

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