Ahmadinejad lost in translation, Again!

What happened today at UN General Assembly during Iran’s President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – shows how low the US administration would stoop to bar freedom of speech at an international forum. However, the Iranian leader is a frequent target of such pathetic Zionist hasslings.

His October 2005 speech was mis-translated from Persian into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), owned by two Zionist Israeli Jews, Meyrav Wurmser and Col. Yigal Carmon. The translation quoting Ahmadinejad calling for Israel being “wiped off the map” – has become as much part of the Jewish religion as is Holocaust.

Al-Jazeera has reported that “Iran’s president takes centre-stage in New York but “glitches” prevents his address on “unjust” West from being heard”.

“It is not what he said on Tuesday that has made the news but what happened during the simultaneous translation of his speech, which has caused controversy.

Right from the start, his speech was overshadowed by technical problems (which did not occur during Shimon Peres or other speakers’ addresses), as the president was heard saying: “There’s no translation”. These problems continued to cause confusion two minutes into his speech. All this was followed by an ominous announcement: “The interpreters would like to state that they are reading from a written text translated into English”. With that, the translation stopped altogether”. (watch video below)

Maybe, Dr. Ahmadinejad address in English next time to save American taxpayers’ money.

Zionist war-criminal Shimon Peres whined as usual. After his speech on Monday – met with Ban Ki-Moon and Mahmoud Abbas and told the reporters that Ahmainjad “a living declaration against the US”. I suppose, the Zionazi is right in the sense that it was the UN which awarded Palestine to the European Jews – while Persia has existed for over 10,000 years.

During Dr. Ahmadinejad’s last year speech, representatives of several pro-Israel western governments had walked out. However, this time it was only Canada which received ‘Israeli kiss’ for walking-out during Iranian President’s speech.

And why the West is affraid to listen to Dr. Ahmadinejad? Israel-born Jew writer Gilad Atzmon explains it the best:

The so called ‘liberal West’ is yet to find the answers to President Ahmadinejad within the realm of reason. It lacks the argumentative capacity to address Ahmadinejad. Instead, it insists to spin banal racially orientated ideas that cannot hold water, ‘By making anti-Israeli statements’ says The Daily Telegraph, ‘he is trying to shed any suspicions about his Jewish connections.’ The truth of the matter is clear. Ahmadinejad has already managed to re-direct a floodlight of reasoning and skepticism just to enlighten our darkest corner of hypocrisy. He somehow manages to remind us all what thinking is all about. 

It is pretty much impossible to deny the fact that Ahmadinejad’s take on the holocaust and Israel is coherent, consistent and valid. He seems to have three main issues with the narrative:

1.    Around sixty Million died in WWII, the vast majority of them were innocent civilians. How is it, asks Ahmadinejad, that we insist to concentrate on the particularity of the suffering of one ‘very’ specific group of people i.e. the Jews?

2.    The Iranian president rightly maintains that this historical chapter must be historically examined. This would mean as well that every event in the past should be subject to scrutiny, elaboration and revision. ‘If we allow ourselves to question God and the Prophets, we may as well allow ourselves to question the holocaust.’

3.    Regardless of the truthfulness of the holocaust, it is a trivial fact that the suffering of the Jews in Europe had nothing to do with the Palestinian people. Hence, there is no reason for the Palestinians to pay for crimes committed by others. If some Western leaders feel guilty for crimes committed against the Jews by their own ancestors, which they seem to claim, they better allocate some land for the Jews within their territories rather than expect the Palestinians to keep upholding the Zionist murderous burden.

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  1. rehmat1 says:

    The full text of Dr. Ahmadinejad’s address (in English) at the UN Assembly is available from Salem-New.Com


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