Ahmadinejad expecting the impossible

The Associated Press reported on September 18, 2010 that Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad is hoping that since Sarah Shourd 32 has been released by Iranian security authorities on Ahmadinejad’s instruction of medical reasons – Ben Obama will reciprocate the Iranian kindness by releasing several Iranian citizen – four of them abducted by the US agents and three Iran-US citizens who were sentenced for purchasing military parts intended for Iranian military.

On July 31, 2009 – three American Jews were arrested for entering illegically into Iran from the US-Israel protected Iraq’s northern Kurdish region. The three arrested were identified as Shane Bauer 28 (Sarah’s boyfriend), Josh Fattal 28 and Sarah Shourd 31. According to the King 5 News (Seattle), the fourth member of the group, University of Washington PhD student Shon Meckfessel escaped arrest because he did not go for ‘hiking’ and stayed at the hotel. All four are Jewish and US citizen. All four are writers and their articles have appeared in ‘The Jewish Week’ and the ‘New America Media’.

Hillary Clinton while making no reference to Dr. Ahmadinejad’s goodwill gesture – demanded that Tehram must release the other two US Jews suspected of spying for CIA/Mossad – as they’re victims of anti-Semite conspiracy.

I am sure after listening to the mass-murderer and Hillary Clinton’s predessor, Henry Kissinger, who said that “the US has no friends but its own interests”. In case of Islamic Iran – the White House has priority to the Zionist regimes’ interests than the US interests.

The western leaders with some religious moral values are rare to find. Remember in 2007 Ahmadinejad freed 15 British naval personnel in Iranian waters as “gift to Britain”. Then in December 2009, Tehran released five British sailors captured for snooping-around in Iranian waters. Did such act of kindness encouraged London to tell British “Friends of Israel” Lobby to shut-up and let Iranians mind their own business? Of-course not.

And then there is Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the half-Jewish wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy (a half-Jew and former Mossad informer), who told Iranians that French Bikini law is more humane than Iran’s Shari’ah law of stonning a woman convicted of adultery. She is right because according to the Jewish Bible (OT), adultery only happens when a Jew had sex with a Jewish wife of another Jew. Sex out of marriage other than that especially with non-Jewish women, married, unmarried or even under-age – is totally Kosher. One angery Iranian newspaper called the France’ First Lady – “a prostitute”!

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