9/11 – The unsung Muslim Hero

According to the 9/11 victims list – sixty Pakistanis died as the result of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack – which according to Jew historian Dr. allan Sabrosky. One of the victim was Mohammad Talat Hamdani 23 – A Muslim from Pakistan. He was not inside the WTC but rushed inside to save the victims after the terrorist attack – but died attempting to save others – leaving wife and a child behind.

Hamdani, NYPD cadet/lab. technician, was on his way to work when he saw the Twin Towers burning and decided to change his daily route to head to the Twin Tower where he thought he would be doing his citizen-duty as a Muslim to help people in need. However, he was killed when the North Tower collapsed under its own weight.

Within hours of his disappearance, Hamdani family was questioned by FBI agents while the Zionist-controlled mainstream media included his name in their phoney ‘terrorist list’ – highlighting Salman’s religion (Islam) and nationality (Pakistan). The family was harassed by anti-Muslim goondas on almost daily basis.

However, after the Zionists’ ‘Islam-bashing’ purpose was served – Hamdani was honored by the NY Governor and the Dubya Bush in 2002 without identifying him a Muslim.

Contrary to that – the pro-Israel media routinely identify Muslims by their religion when they are involved in acts of violence or when they are suspected of crimes.

Western media coverage of Islam and Muslims poses a real threat to Muslims in the western countries. Their favorite line is alaways: “Muslims do it because Koran teaches violence” The bigots don’t want to accept that there are more verses preaching violence in the Bible and the Jewish Talmud than in Holy Qur’an. The pro-Israel Evangelist preachers and Zionist rabbis preach more violence against Muslims than the Mullahs against the Jews and Christians.

But Islam is being exploited today for political motives as much as Christianity (in Europe, Canada and the U.S.), Judaism (in Israel) or Hinduism (in India).

But who would suggest that the German Christian Democratic Party is a religious party? Or that Barack Obama is a Christian fundamentalist because in his first speech as a president he asked Jesus to guide him in his office?

When Americans bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, no one suggested that the crime had religious roots or was linked to Western American or Christian tradition.

Some journalists deal with Islam with the assumption that the “true Islam” is fundamentalist in nature and its modern forms, if they exist, are diluted deviations, thereby implying that Islam is a backward religion.

But Islam is a religion eminently rational, and as such it has freed the human’s spirit, and therein Islam’s greatest quality.

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One Response to 9/11 – The unsung Muslim Hero

  1. Maryam says:

    Just went through your blog after you commented on my article on the Manhattan mosque and Terry Jones’ madness on DV.
    mashallah very courageous work. I appreciate the unafraid honesty and the passion.
    May Allah protect you. Keep up the good work!
    Maryam Sakeenah
    Lahore, Pakistan

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