America and the religious freedom

Contrary to US Constitution First Amendment’s Freedom of Religious clause – Muslim communities don’t enjoy that right. The on-going Zionist crusade against the proposed building of a Islamic Community Center, a few blocks away from the so-called “Ground Zero” – is latest example that US lacks religious tolerance.

Since 9/11 – the US soldiers being prepared to fight in the Muslim countries are forced to attend religious classes conducted by some extremist Christian Evangelist organizations. Some senior millitary staff has admitted that such courses will convince the soldiers that they’re carrying-out a crusade against the Muslims.

September 1, 2010 Editorial in the St. Louis Jewish Light shed some light on America’s religious freedom.

Given the recent uproar over the proposed Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero, how do you believe its detractors would react to this: A United States military officer tells his subordinates they have a “choice” in their spare time of attending an Islamic hip hop concert or performing a detailed cleaning of their barracks.

Do you think that would garner attention among those who have loudly and aggressively sought to arrest the development in lower Manhattan? We have a feeling it might.

Well, the episode initially went largely unnoticed, for one notable reason: The concert in question wasn’t an Islamic one, but Christian.

In May, a couple hundred soldiers at Fort Eustis, Virginia, were told they could attend “The Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert.” The headline act was BarlowGirl, an evangelical Christian rock group. Their website describes the band as “tender-hearted, beautiful young women who aren’t afraid to take an aggressive, almost warrior-like stance when it comes to spreading the gospel and serving God.”

After being marched to the theater, about 80 of the soldiers chose not to attend. Among those decliners were both non-Christians and Christians. On returning to their company area, their lot was a lock-down and janitorial exercise normally reserved for those undergoing punishment for misdeeds.

Some of the solders complained to the fort’s Equal Opportunity (EO) program, but were apparently pressured not to file formal grievances and given ostensible reasons why nothing wrong had occurred. One solider claimed that when he requested a non-Christian EO adviser, his then-adviser whispered to him that he was Catholic, not Christian. (Imagine if this had been an Islamic concert and an Islamic adviser had similarly whispered, “I’m Sunni, not Shia.”)

The plot, however, is far more labrynthine than one would initially suppose, because BarlowGirl’s attendance at the concert was actually paid for by…you guessed it…the Department of Defense.

Records indicate that BarlowGirl’s agency was paid $23,000 for the group to perform at Fort Eustis and Fort Lee. While BarlowGirl’s agent (and father of band members) Vince Barlow said he didn’t approve of the coercion involved, they were more than happy to accept taxpayer money for a religious performance.

You can thank Major General James E. Chambers, a born-again Christian, for conceiving of the concert series in 2008. Chambers has been quoted on a military website as saying, “The idea is not to be a proponent for any one religion. It’s to have a mix of different performers with different religious backgrounds.”

Would you care to guess the overwhelming content of the concerts?

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