Racism: The ugly face of America

“In America, racism is at the peak on Sunday between 9:11 am,” Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. What he meant was that less than 8% of ‘White only’ churches in the US allows Afro-American Christians to attend Mass on Sunday.

That statement was made many decades ago since the Americans elected country’s first colored President, Ben Obama. However, the statement still has truth in it.

This year, on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther’s I have a dream speech – one of the country’s 12 top Islamophobes, Glen Beck, held the ‘Restoring honor’ rally on the same spot at the Lincoln Memorial. In his speech his called his listeners to return to “God”, the Whiteman’s God who though was born an Arab over 2000 years ago. Glen Beck, promoted by Israeli propaganda outlet Fox News, earlier had called Obama “a racist”, echoing the 20% of American population who still believe Obama is a Muslim.

Former Governor of Alaska, Sara Palin, admits that she concure Glen Beck’s ‘Christian message”.

Pulse media published an article, titled What is matter with America?, which shows the ugly face of the US:

“The rally led by two of the most backward and reactionary figures in the US mainstream (Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin), more questions need to be asked about the origins and implications of the extremist right-wing sentiment that is currently manifesting itself in the form of thinly veiled hate rallies and targeted acts of Islamophobic violence in the US.

Harvard University professor Stephen M. Walt wrote earlier this month that he hears “echoes of the Weimar experience” when he watches videos like this one and reads the “xenophobic bile spewed by hate-mongers like Islamophobe Pam Geller.” If the Left and progressive movements don’t work harder to counter the fascistic fervor that is currently spreading through the US, ordinary people will continue to turn to people like Beck for guidance, and there is nothing more worrying than direction he is trying to lead them in.

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One Response to Racism: The ugly face of America

  1. The writer is absolutely correct. This is a shame & travesty to America. Racism is on the rise & many in white America are oblivious to this fact. In a new book, THE GOD DEFINED SELF (A LAYMAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON RACISM IN AMERICA), Author Andre’ D. Davis shines the spotlight on this subject. He addresses our nation w/ keen insight & sobering truths that awaits a response from white America. His approach to the political, corporate & religious powers that be demands a response for their unrelenting apathy concerning this matter. This book is a must read for all Americans, but especially for those in white America who still refuse to look at America’s fundamental problem. Available @ amazon & barnesandnoble.com. Read this book, then join the international discussion on how to end this blight on our American society & the world. Thank you. Sincerely, Andre’

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