Russian turnaround on Iran

As part of Medvedev-Obama secret deal, Russia voted in favor of US-sponsored fourth round of sanctions against the Islamic Republic at the UN Security Council in last June. On August 19, 2010 – against the wishes of the US, France and Israel, Putin met with Sergei Kiriyenko, director-general of Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation (Nosaram) and gave him green light to load and commission Iran’s first power-generating nuclear plant at Bushehr.

Immediately after the meeting, Kiriyenko was on his way to Tehran. Some Russian analyst consider Putin’s move to tell the US, France, Britain, Canada, EU and Israel that it’s he who pulls the strings in Russian foreign policy and not President Medvedev.

President Medvedev had aligned with the Atlanticist position of applying the embargo to all energy supplies, while Prime Minister Putin openly supported Iran’s desire to achieve energy independence.

It seems there is a political tug-of-war going on in Moscow between the powerful Prime Minister Putin and the President Medvedev, who is reported to have Jewish roots and has the support of various Jewish organizations around the world.

Earlier, Putin managed to overturn the agreement between Medvedev and  French President Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and reportedly worked for Israeli Mossad in the past) for the purchase of Mistral vessels.

Turkey, Vietnam and Bangladesh are currently transacting the purchase of plants from Rosatom.

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