New Israel-PA circus to isolate Iran

In June 2010 – the Bipartisan Policy Center issued its fourth report on Islamic Republic. the report was authored by thre ‘Israel-Firsters’, former Senators Daniel Coats and Charles Robb, and retired General Charles Wald. The report suggested three options to deal with Tehran before it acquire the necessary nuclear capability to destroy Israel’s nuclear monopoly in the Middle East. The three options were; diplomacy, sanctions and a military attack. Since the first two options have failed to cow Islamic Republic, which has just commissioned its first nuclear power-generating reactor at Bushehr. The remaining third option carries some serious problem for Ben Obama’s ZOG administration. One of them is to assemble the ‘willing Arab partners’, like during the Iraqi invasion. The best to solve this problem, according to several neocon advisers – is to start another 3-party Israel-PA negotiation for the two-state solution.

The Middle East Quartet (the US, EU, UN and Russia) was more than glad to obliged the Zionist masters. After tightening some of Mahmoud Abbas’ screws by Washington – it announced that a meeting between Benti Netanyahu and Abbas will take place in Washington on September 2, 2010. Abbas agreed to attend without pre-conditions while Benti had his usual pre-conditions; Palestinian must recognize Israel as a Jewish state and the new Palestinian state would be ‘a demiltarized state’. The issue of the Natives’ return to their ancestral homes and the East Jerusalem as capital of the new Palestinian state – will remain in the cold storage until some future Israeli government decide to open the cold storage.

The reality on ‘Ground Zero’ is that there has been no changes in Israeli attitude towards governments in Gaza or the West bank – Therefore, the negotiations are nothing but another US-Israel charade to shore-up America’s failing image in Arab countries, some of which has started looking to Tehran for their security.

For the US, the negotiations serve the essential purpose of lending credence to its claim to be an honest broker in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. But maintaining this pretence is equally important to Washington’s Arab allies, who need some public justification for collaborating with aggressive US moves against Iran—up to and including a possible military strike.

According to World Socialist Web Site, the Iran’s nuclear hoax is doing good business for the armament industries.

The US has concluded a 10-year $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia to supply 84 of the latest F-15 jets with onboard targeting systems, similar to those used by the US to destroy Iraq’s radar and missile systems in 2003. The US will also refurbish many of the Saudis’ older F-15s.

The deal includes about 70 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and up to 60 Longbow Apache attack helicopters, plus flight simulators, spare parts and long-term support for the planes and helicopters. It follows a $177 million deal earlier this year to supply the Saudi National Guard with 2,742 anti-tank missiles.

This is one of the largest ever arms deals and the first major new arms procurement deal with Saudi Arabia since 1992. According to the Pentagon, it is part of an effort to “deter Iran and to counter Al Qaeda in Yemen.”

US defence officials have said various agreements are in preparation with other allies in the Gulf. In the last year, the US has agreed a $220 million deal with Jordan for the delivery of more than 80 advanced rocket launchers, and a $338 million contract for 1,808 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 162 launchers with night vision systems.

It has signed a $290 million agreement with the UAE for 1,600 laser-guided “smart” bombs, 800 one-ton bombs, and 400 bunker buster bombs, a deal which Washington justified in terms of building up the Gulf state “against threats from Iran.”

Earlier this year, the Obama administration announced the sale of 24 F-16 jet fighters at a cost of $3.2 billion to make Egypt—in the Pentagon’s words—a “more valuable partner in the Middle East.” Egypt will receive four batteries of highly advanced Harpoon Block II anti-ship cruise missiles, four fast missile boats “in order to better defend access to the Suez Canal,” and 450 Hellfire anti-tank missiles. The US will also sell the Mubarak regime 156 jet engines for F-16 jets, valued at $750 million.

Egypt controls the flow of oil and warships through the Suez Canal. According to Global Research, last June, “Egypt reportedly allowed one Israeli and 11 US ships to pass through the Suez Canal in … an apparent sign to Iran.”

The US has in addition armed the Lebanese government against Hezbollah and the Fatah-led PA in order to undermine Fatah’s rival, Hamas. Both Hezbollah and Hamas are backed by Tehran and could open a second front against Israel in the event of an Israeli or US attack on Iran.

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