Zionists in China-Russian backyard

Early this month, the US and British forces held two-week military excercises with Kazakh forces to win clout in China-Russia’s Central Asian backyard. One other partner-in-crime not mentioned in the news – is Israeli forces, which have been part of Kazakhistan’s military and intelligence sectors since both countries established diplomatic relations in 1992. Muslim-majority Kazakhistan has the largest Jewish population (30,000) followed by Islamic Iran (25,000) outside occupied Palestine, the US and some western countries.

Israel have been selling billions of dollars worth of arms and military-intelligence kow-how to President Nazabayev’s anti-Islam regime. Before assuming the nationalist-dictatorship in the break-away Russian occupied state of Kazakhistan in 1991 – Nursultan Nazarbayev was chief of the Communist Party in Soviet-era Kazakhistan since 1989. He has visited Israel twice and Shimon Peres paid a return visit in 2009. During Nazabayev’s second visit to Israel in april 2000 – Jews planted 3,000 trees in his honor in Jerusalem on the land stolen from Arabs.

Kazakhstan’s proven petroleum reserves are estimated at 5.4 billion barrels of oil, and its potential reserves at 30-50 billion barrels. According to Kazakh officials, the offshore Kashagan field alone contains 7 to 9 billion barrels of available oil. Kazakhstan also has proven reserves of 65 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Nazarbayev shares all this great wealth with Kzakhistan-born Israeli billionaire, Alexander Mashkevich, one of the top ten richest Jews in Israel.

Rick Rozoff in his August 21, 2010 article, titled ‘U.S. Marshals Military Might To Challenge Asian Century’, wrote:

The Asia-Europe-Africa grouping contains the overwhelming majority of the human race, perhaps as many as 5.6 billion of the world’s 6.8 billion inhabitants. The entire Western Hemisphere, by contrast, has a population under one billion and Oceania’s numbers are negligible.

But for 500 years a small number of nations in the global West and North, a limited contingent of countries that collectively calls itself the North Atlantic community, has dominated most of the world.

With the demise in 1991 of an eastern power that for decades had presented them with the greatest challenge in their history, the Soviet Union, the major Western states, a coalition of all the main past colonial empires and the new American global superpower united in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance, viewed the entire world as being ripe for penetration and dominance, starting with the former Eastern European socialist bloc and the territories of the former Soviet Union.

Military formations were used to spread American and Western European influence throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East – NATO and its numerous partnership programs, U.S. Africa Command, ad hoc “coalitions of the willing” – and into the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea basin, Central Asia and South Asia, in which last location the Pentagon and NATO are waging a nine-year-old war with 150,000 troops.

In the past eleven years the U.S. has obtained military, including missile shield, bases and facilities in parts of the world where the Pentagon had never ensconced itself before: Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Colombia……

One wonder while the US, NATO, Israel and other Zionist-puppet regimes are busy collectively, tightening the noose around both Russia and China – what these two UNSC’s permanent members achieved by siding with the ZOGs in the US, France and Britain to pass fourth round of sanctions against the Islamic Republic? On the other hand, by voting against the new sanctions, Turkey and Brazil displayed that in addition to Iran, they’re the only countries independent of Zionist World Order.

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