Iran to modernize Lebanese Army

Lebanon’s Christian President, Michel Suleiman, has officially requested Tehran to equip and modernize Lebanese Army, given the threats the country is receiving from the Zionist entity.

After the UN Peacekeeping French soldiers clashed with Lebanese villagers and Lebanese border security members’ deadly clash with Israel Occupation Force (IOF) soldiers in which one Israeli Colonel, two Lebanese soldiers and one Lebanese journalist were killed – Lebanon’s Defence Ministery has opened a bank account to attract donations from the citizens and the Lebanese living abroad. The move came after the Jewish-lobby controlled US Congress postponed US$100 military aid to Lebanon on the lame excuse that some of the aid may fall in the hands of Islamic Resistance Hizbullah, which is a partner in the current Lebanese Unity government.

Lebanese Defence Minister, Elias al-Murr (son of the former Defence Minister Michel Murr) has deposited an initial US$670,000 to start the campaign.

Two weeks ago, Hizbullah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, in a conference revealed documents which clearly prove that Israel was behind the assassination of former Lebanese Prime minister Rafik Hariri (father of current Prime Minister Saad Hariri) in 2005. Saad Hariri has demanded that UN conduct an investigation in Israeli involvement based on the new evidence.

Meanwhile a website belonging to Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) party of former Lebanese commander, Gen. Michel Aoun , has claimed that the reason Sheikh Nasrallah avoided to reveal the names of the culprits, because it would have implicated Saudi King Abdullah:

“King Abdullah has allocated $500 million to finance propaganda against Hezbollah, but Saudi Arabia’s objective is not only to ruin the reputation of Hezbollah but to tarnish the image of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah,” the Lebanese website quoted a Saudi Arabian opposition official as saying.

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