Hamid Gul: Only God could help America


Lt. General Hamid Gul (retired) was interviewd on Alex Jones show on August 16, 2010, during which he debunked several Zionists’ allegation against him in the past and some of which have been repeated in the recent faked Wikileaks. Watch the interview on five videos attached at the end of this post.

The General, who served as head of country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) during 1987-89 and helped the Afghan Mujahideen to defeat the Red Army – complained that all the interviews given to western reporters were censored and the public was not allowed to learn his true message: “My version (of events) is not going out to America, I have been denied entry into the US because they (US’s ZOG government) is afraid that I will speak the truth. People will listen to the truth…”

Hamid Gul believes that the neocons (mostly Jewish) who control US government have created the so-called ‘War on Terror’ to exploit the Caspian Sea oil reserves, prevent Chinese influence and make sure that no Islamic power emerges in the region – And to provide a security shield to the State of Israel by promoting destabilization inside neighbouring countries. He believes all these imperial designs are doomed to fail.

Below are some of the highlights of Hamid Gul’s statements he made during the interview:

“Fareed Zakaria (of CNN), recorded me for twenty minutes and he put out only six minutes of my version. Obviously, he wanted to keep the American people in the dark about the truth I told him,” said Gul.

“Speak the truth, you have failed (in Afghanistan) because your own policy makers have not come up with the recipe that was required. Your own Generals were not up to the tasks which were given to them, so why don’t you accept the failure rather than rub the blame on someone else (Hamid Gul)?” he said.

“They would have us (Pakistanis) believe that Iran is our enemy. Iran is not our enemy. There has been no hostility between Iran and Pakistan. This is an utter lie, it is only to malign Iran. But I tell you Israel is hell bent to draw America into a wider war attacking Iran. If they go in unilaterally to attack some targets, even drop a few bombs here and there, I think it will flare up a conflict that it will not be able to control.” Gul said.

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