Poll: 75% Americans don’t trust the media

The results of the latest Gallup Poll released on Friday has very bad news for the Jewish-controlled mainstream media. 75% of the Americans who took part in the survey reported that they have very low confidence in newspapers and television news. This is more than 10% fall from the 2003-07 period. According to some sources, 96% of Western media is owned by six Jewish companies.

The findings are from Gallup’s annual Confidence in Institutions survey, which found the military faring best and Congress faring worst of 16 institutions tested. Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news is on par with Americans’ lackluster confidence in banks and slightly better than their dismal rating of Health Management Organizations and big business.

The decline in trust since 2003 is also evident in a 2009 Gallup poll that asked about confidence and trust in the “mass media” more broadly. While perceptions of media bias present a viable hypothesis, Americans have not over the same period grown any more likely to say the news media are too conservative or too liberal.

The American mainstream media has never been independent of the government and the powerful lobby groups. Since the WW II, the most powerful lobby has been the Jewish groups and neocons both working for a foreign government (Israel) than Washington. The US media has always created some monster to divert public attention from the corrupt politicians and the anti-national policies of US administration. The adversary has been changing – from Germans to Japanese; from Russians to Muslims and these days it’s all about the Islamic Iran which is becoming the towering power in the Middle East. Hence, the Jewish Lobby wants Washington to trim down Islamic-regime in Tehran below the height of the Zionist-regime in the occupied Palestine.

Thanks to the internet, the Zionists’ monopoly over the mainstream media – turning lies into truth – is loosing ground. In order to keep the American brainwashed, the pro-Israel Jew Senator Joe Lieberman wants Ben Obama to put censorship on the ‘freedom of speech’ being practiced on internet. And his stupid argument is: “China can do it, we need to have that here too”.

The most appropriate word for journalism in the West is jingoism. There are very few journalists who have raised the flag of true ‘freedom of speech’ against all odds. However, like Jesus they’re too crucified by the Jewish Lobby. Helen Thomas and Octavia Nasr are among that minority.

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