Israel, Judaism and Women

No the topic of my post has nothing to do with how women are depicted and discriminated in the Jewish Scriptures. It’s also not about how thousands of White Christian women are sold into sex slavery in Israel each year. Nor about the city of Tel Aviv which has world largest numbers of Jewish brothels (280) and is proudly known as the Pink City.

In this post I like to expose another racist face of Israel, which Zionists loves to call “the Jewish state”. On August 12, 2010 – the Jewish-owned, TIME, published the story of Anat Hoffman, former Jerusalem city councilor, who was arrested for holding a copy of Jewish Bible (Torah aka Old Testament) in front of Jewish Holy Wailing Wall. 

Anat Hoffman is Chairwoman of Jewish religious activist organiaztion, Women of the Wall, which, for the last 20 years, have been struggling to let Jew women be allowed to pay visit to the Wailing Wall.

In 2003, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled out that women are not permitted to read from the Torah or wear talitott, fringed prayer shawls traditional to men, at the Wailing Wall on the ground that it might disrupt public order.

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the rabbi responsible for the Wall, says the women are waging a “fanatical” political struggle. “People of all faiths and all degrees of Jewish observance are welcome here. But they’re expected to respect the feelings of those who pray here all the time, and to behave accordingly.”

It’s not the first time Hoffman and members of her group have been arrested for trying to pray at the Wall. In January, Hoffman was questioned, fingerprinted and threatened with a charge of having committed a felony.

According to the Orthodox practices, women can pray at the Wall but only within a small section adjacent to the much larger space allocated men. ‘No women allowed here’, reads the sign at the entrance to the men’s section. Women can hear the prayer service, but not assist the men; a head-level barrier separates them. WOW – when Muslims go by the same rule in their mosques – the ‘Islamophobe’ thugs call them ‘backward and female haters’!

“Today they say women cannot hold the Torah,” says Hoffman, “Tomorrow it will be, women cannot look at the Torah. Then it will be, women cannot be at the Wall at all. Before you know it, all Jerusalem will be segregated. That’s where we’re headed.”

Contrary to Judaism and Christianity – women are encouraged to study and memorize Holy Qur’an. There are millions of Muslim women who can recite the entire Holy Qur’an by memory and thousands of them areIslamic preachers. However, traditionally, Muslim women are not allowed to lead men/women mixed prayers based on Islamic modesty.

The Wailing Wall (aka Western Wall aka Kotel) is part of the compound which is known as ‘al-Haram al-Sharif’ in the Islamic history for the last 1400 years. It contains two historical buildings – the golden Dome of Rock, completed in 691 CE and the al-Aqsa Mosque, completed in 715 CE. The later is considered by some religious scholars as the promised Jewish Third Temple of Mount.

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2 Responses to Israel, Judaism and Women

  1. Israel Muse says:

    what a load of hogwash this article is, as though there are no sex slaves in all countries in the world, get real!!!

    our women are treated just fine here, sure we have a dodgy underworld, but then so does your country and every other, think of something better to attack Israel with, you are failing hopelessly with this sham of an article, making as though this is a common practice in Israel, seriously!

    it is against Jewish law to have a woman holding a Torah, this does not make us racist or feminist… take your accusations to Iran and other Islamic countries where women truly have no rights… you are not fooling anyone but the idiots in the world…

    Write better articles and I will have better comments next time

    Israel Muse
    I hope your followers arent as stupid as this…

  2. rehmat2 says:

    As some wise man once said:”You cannot educate a pig”. Unfortunately, I found that truth in you.

    You’re right – every bastard would say: “are not there other bastards in this world?”

    Shalom and be happy in your Zionazi past.

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