Gaza Freedom Flotilla 2

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in Stockholm early this month to intesify its efforts to mobilize the next Freedom Flotilla 2.

More than 30 civil Italian organizations joined in Freedom Flotilla 2 aid ship to Gaza, which is expected to set sail before the end of the ongoing year, in an attempt to break the siege over the impoverished area. Mohammad Hanoun, member of the European Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza (ECBSG) clarified that there was an agreement to form an Italian coordinating committee between the ECBSG and the Italian participants.
Launching Freedom Flotilla 2 was postponed due to the expansion of European participants reaching 10000.

The European campaign to End the Siege on Gaza announced that preparations are being conducted on a Swiss vessel to participate in the “fleet of Freedom 2,” which is being prepared by the “fleet of freedom” coalition, and expected to launch into the Gaza Strip in the up-coming weeks.

An all women aid workers vessel, the Women4Gaza organized by European women organizations – will take part in Flotilla 2.

The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza has revealed that a number of international atheletes and over 35 news organization have shown their interest to join the Freedom Flotilla which is scheduled to reach Gaza during the month of September 2010.

The call for Freedom Flotilla 2 came from no other than Lebanese Islamic Resistance leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah in June, 2010. In a speech he said: “There is a real opportunity today to achieve what the Freedom Flotilla aimed to do – and that is to break the siege on our brothers and sisters in Gaza. This means we will need to form more flotillas of different nationalities and see them on to Gaza”.

Sheikh Nasrallah further urged the people of Lebanon, including Christians and Muslims, to participate en masse in “Freedom Flotilla II” and again attempt to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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