Democrats are more ‘anti-Semites’!

Thanks to Hizbullah, more and more US-Lebanese Islamophobes wriers are receiving a lot of attention from the Jewish lobbying groups these days. One of these idiots is Lebanese- American Zionist Christian, Joseph Farah, who in his recent rant claimed: “ADL, I’m no threat. I’m even more against anti-Semites than you!” I am not sure about Farah, but Abraham Foxman, national director ADL has very little chance to be a ‘Semite’. In 2007, Simon Jones, a Jew blogger posted: “Jews love to attack their critics by labelling them ‘anti-Semites’, a late 19th century construct which is completely inaccurate, as most Jews are Caucasian Ashkenazi, while Arabs and the relatively few Sephardic Jews are the real Semites”.

Farah tells ADL that even though the Democrats receive 60% of Jewish election contributions (Republicans receive 20-35%) – there are more ‘anti-Semites’ among Democrats than the Republicans. However, the fact is that Ben Obama administration is an ‘Israeli poodle’, overloaded with neocons (mostly Jews) and the zionist Jews. So much so, according to Wayne Madsen, both Obama and his White house Chief of Staff, Israeli Jew Rahm Emanuel are life members of the same Chicago gay bath house.

Joseph Farah has always questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s Presidency. Farah also initiated a nationwide billboard campaign employing the slogan, “Where’s the birth certificate?” That campaign has raised nearly $100,000 in the last two months and resulted in the purchase of about a half-dozen billboards so far around the country.

Farah have also adviced ADL to focus more on Obama for his failure to submit to Israeli agenda to invade the Islamic Republic. He also says that Americans don’t need to wait till 2012 to remove Obama. He, indirectly, believe that with four Jew judges among the nine-member US Supreme Court, it should not be difficult to achieve a regime-change in Washington. If that happens – the man to occupy the White House under US Constitution, would be no other than vice-president Joe Biden aka ‘Mr. Israel’.

And who is Joseph Farah? Well according to Rev. Ted Pike: “He (Farah) is an inveterate boot-licker of Israel and the Jewish lobby”.

If there is growing “anti-Semitism” among Democrats, it comes from mounting and correct moral outrage at Israel’s misbehavior, especially in Gaza. Today, the Zionist lobby must increasingly rely on Republicans and conservatives who will accept Jewish funds in exchange for blind support of Israel. Zionist “hush money” buys favors, protection and endorsement for a foreign power with a sordid history of human rights violations and war crimes. It has flouted international law for more than 60 years and criminalized the very Christian evangelism so important to the religious right.

It borders on treason for any member of our government to allow their foreign policy decisions to be affected by receipt of money from Zionist interests. Such politicians become de facto agents of Israel, violating the 1937 Foreign Agents Registration Act which requires all lobbyists for a foreign power to declare themselves. Tragically, the honorable choice—refusing to receive such contributions and swear implicit fealty to Israel—may incur the anger of many wealthy Jewish donors and the all-powerful lobby. Ex-House members such as Paul Findlay, Pete McClosky, and John Rarrick are victims of such Jewish vengeance,” – Rev. Ted Pike, National Prayer Network, August, 10, 2010.

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2 Responses to Democrats are more ‘anti-Semites’!

  1. Belgiumpigeon says:

    Rehmat, I assume you are saying Sotomayor is a jew. Do you have a link?
    It would be interesting to find out. I know there are presently three of the hebes in the SCOTUS.

  2. rehmat2 says:

    Sonia is a child of a a Puerto Rican single mother. She never mentions the religious background of her father. However, her name was proposed by AIPAC and the largest group of people who turned out at her oath-taking ceremony, were Jewish. She had made several trips to Israel and a poster child for Jewish-Hispanic relations.

    Jewish Journal gleefully published her bio on May 26, 2009.

    Now, anyone can connect the dots. Remember, John Kerry was “surprised” to learn from a reporter that his grand-parents were Jewish.

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