Israel threatens to withdraw from UN Gaza Flotilla probe

During a conference on Monday, United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, reluctantly admitted that he had not cut a secret deal with Tel Aviv to the effect that Israeli commandos involved in the cold murder of nine Turk aid workers at the international waters on May 31, 2010 – would not be asked to appear before the 4-member UN Gaza Flotilla Investigation Panel. Tel Aviv was quick to declare that its soldiers would not be available to the investigators.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said in Jerusalem: “Israel will not cooperate with, and will not participate in, a panel that demands to investigate Israeli soldiers”.

Interestingly, Israel’s own investigating panel was also not allowed to question the Jew merderers.

On Tuesday, the 4-members of the panel formally met for the first time under the chairmanship of former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Geoffrey Palmer. The other members are; Alvaro Uribe, vice chair and former president of Colombia, along with the Israeli and Turkish members, Joseph Ciechanover and Ozdem Sanberk, respectively.

Ban told reporters that the panel’s main work will be to review and examine the report of the domestic investigations, and liaise with domestic authorities. “And whatever is needed beyond that, they will have to discuss among themselves, in close coordination with the national government authorities, that they can take their own future steps.”

The US ambassador at United Nations, Susan Rice, was very optimist that Israeli participation in the probe will help to ease the tension between Tel Aviv and Ankara. “The focus of the Panel is appropriately on the future and on preventing such incidents from recurring. The United States also hopes that the panel can serve as a vehicle to enable Israel and Turkey to move beyond the recent strains in their relationship and repair their strong historic ties.” In other words, bring Turkey back onto Zionist bed and help USrael in its fight against the Islamic Republic.

As I wrote in my earlier post that someone who has followed the cunningness of the Zionist regime – it would be hard for him to believe Israeli committment. Joining the panel was just PR move to counter it being isolated from the world community.

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