A ‘regime-change’ in Turkey

On September 12, 2010, Turks voters will be taking part in a referendum to empower the governing AKP to make necessary changes to the 1982 Constitution which gave sweeping powers to the Turkish military establishment. This is in line with Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government to make Turkish political system more democratic. However, the referendum has already turned into a power struggle between the powerful secular Kemalist minority and the anti-secularist-cum-religious majority. It’s not expected from the military establishment which has ruled Turkey, directly or indirectly, since 1930s – to share power with the elected civilian government without a fight.

Erdogan’s independent foreign policy, mostly tilted towards Syria, Islamic Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Lebanon and the Palestinians – has upset Washington, Tel aviv and the EU capitals. Turkey along with Brazil also voted against the UNSC’s fourth round of sanction against Iran. Since then, the hawks in both the US and Israel have come to the conclusion that Turkey’s close relationship with Syria and Iran would certainly make it difficult for a future US-Israel attack on Iran. Turkey is home to US-NATO’s largest military base which allegedly have 49 nuclear bombs.

Turkish military, naturally with green light from Washington, has put the names of 11 generals and admirals involved in an early military coup against Turkish government for promotions. Despite warrants for the arrest of these high-ranking active-duty military officers – they still walk free under military protection. They’re among the 102 retired and active-duty officers ordered jailed last month. The accused could be jailed for upto 20 years if convicted. Now, if promoted, they could be used by US and Israel  to bring a regime change in Ankara before US-Israel attack on Iran. The new military regime, certainly will be pro-Israel and anti-Iran.

The Kemalist military has overthrown four semi-independent governments since 1960. It has very close links with Israeli army and some of its high-ranking officers are suspected of having links to the Crypto-Jewish community. The appointment of an Islamist as the new chief of Turkey’s intelligence services, Dr. Hakan Fidan has irked the Zionist regime. Ehud Barak has mentioned his fears that Fidan could pass-on vital Turkey-Israel secrets to Tehran.

Erdogan’s government is against the promotions of the indicted officers but the final decision will be made by the military council. However, military council decision needs Turkish President’s consent. President Abdullah Gul has warned the coucil that the promotion of officers under investigation would send a wrong message.

According to Wayne Madsen report, Israel Mossad was squarely behind all the military coups, Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and Cage.

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