Israel joins flotilla probe to fool Turkey

Though, Israel still refuses to apologize to Turkey for murdering nine Turk aid workers on Free Gaza flotilla on May 31, 2010 – it has shown its willingness to co-operate with the United Nation’s panel established to investigate the incident. The four-member panel would include on Israeli and one Turk.

Israeli deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon (the Zionazi who insulted Turkish ambassador to Tel Aviv), while blaming the Turk victims as “armed, violent and were linked with global jihad” – said that Tel Aviv’s decision to join the probe was “to patch up ties with Turkey”.

Phyllis Bennis, a fellow of the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), who has written extensively on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, remains highly sceptical given the Zionist entity’s track record. She says that Israel has never accepted UN or international investigations of its human rights violations.

“Look how it rejected and condemned the UN’s Goldstone Report documenting possible war crimes during the 2008-09 attack on Gaza. Look at its refusal to allow the UN’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Professor Richard Falk, to enter the West Bank to carry out his mandate. Look at Israel’s refusal to allow Archbishop Desmond Tutu into Gaza to help conduct an international investigation. Look at the one time Israel pretended to agree to cooperate with a UN investigation team, in 2002, when the UN was set to examine the killing of civilians in the Jenin refugee camp during Israel’s re-occupation of the West Bank.”

Mouin Rabbani, a widely-respected political analyst and contributing editor to the Washington-based Middle East Report said that the Israeli report on the armed naval assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla was a complete sham.

“The concept that Israel is capable of investigating itself, and producing anything remotely credible, has been demonstrated as beyond the capacity of the Israeli system, time and time again,” he said.

Benjamin Netanyahu, a terrorist himself – has called the aid workers mercernaries, because these “mercenaries were trying to gets goods such as medicine to an area that’s under a blockade.

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