Israel needs America to fight its war with Iran

The Zionist regime is very much affraid to bomb the Islamic Republic alone. Israel’s American Sayanim (agents) are busy preparing the legal ground that when, in its desperation, the Zionist entity do attack the Islamic Iran – America, automatically, would jump into the war to save its little darling from being wiped-of the map. In addition to several Mossad-FBI false-flag terrorist operations in the name of Al-Qaeda and various so-called “Jihadi groups” and new “Crippling sanctions” against Iran for later’s refusal to caned its civilian nuclear program – On July 22, 2010, the ‘Israel-First’ US law-maker from Texas, Louis Gohmert, introduced a resolution (HR 1553), which supports Zionist entity’s right to use all means necessary against ant threat posed by Iran -which I guess would include any Iranian vessel joining the next Free Gaza flotilla!

Israeli Hasbara idiot, Reuel Mark Gerecht, posted his rant on ‘Weekly Standard’ on July 26, 2010 – suggesting that an America should not fear about Tehran’s counter-attack on American interests and forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and other part of the Middle East – because Tehranian forces are not capable of damaging American interests in the region. And being a great friend of the US, “the “Little Satan” (Israel) don’t want to bomb Iran, because Tehran and the Muslim world would take revenge on “the Great Satan” the US”.

I wanted to answer the idiot myself – but Gareth Porter beat me on that. He wrote under the title, The Real Aim of Israel\’s Bomb Iran Campaign:

What is important to understand about this campaign is that the aim of Gerecht and of the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu is to support an attack by Israel so that the United States can be drawn into direct, full-scale war with Iran.

That has long been the Israeli strategy for Iran, because Israel cannot fight a war with Iran without full U.S. involvement. Israel needs to know that the United States will finish the war that Israel wants to start.

Gerecht openly expresses the hope that any Iranian response to the Israeli attack would trigger full-scale U.S. war against Iran. “If Khamenei has a death-wish, he’ll let the Revolutionary Guards mine the strait, the entrance to the Persian Gulf,” writes Gerecht. “It might be the only thing that would push President Obama to strike Iran militarily….” Gerecht suggest that the same logic would apply to any Iranian “terrorism against the United States after an Israeli strike,” by which we really means any attack on a U.S. target in the Middle East. Gerecht writes that Obama might be “obliged” to threaten major retaliation “immediately after an Israeli surprise attack.”

That’s the key sentence in this very long Gerecht argument. Obama is not going to be “obliged” to join Israeli aggression against Iran unless he feels that domestic political pressures to do so are too strong to resist. That’s why the Israelis are determined to line up a strong majority in Congress and public opinion for war to foreclose Obama’s options.

In the absence of confidence that Obama would be ready to come into the war fully behind Israel, there cannot be an Israeli strike.

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