Israeli military in Romania

Last Monday six Israeli Air Force officers and one Romanian officer died in an Israeli military helicopter crash near Braslov, Romania. The Israeli officers identified were, Lt. Col. Daniel Shipen bauer, Lt. Col. Avner Goldman, Maj. Yahel Keshet, Lt. Nir Lakrif, Maj. Lior Shai and Sgt. Oren Cohen. These Zionazis were taking part in a Romanian military training course , code name, ‘Blue Sky 2010’ – which teaches Israeli pilots to become ‘mountain helicopter pilots’. Interestingly, there are no mountain in Palestine or Lebanon, which are usually the targets of Israel’s state terrorism. Could it be that Israelis receiving training to be prepared for some false-flag operation in Iran and instigate a war between Washington and Tehran.

Romania is a NATO member and these drills have been carried out since 2004. Israeli usually teach its host countries the search and rescue techniques; interogation techniques. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media in its coverage of the crash made only a brief mention of joint Israel-Romanian drills which are regularly held on annual basis. The military personnel from the US and Moldava are also taking part in these excercises.

Islam came to Romanian region almost 700 years ago. However, currently only 2% among the 22 million Romanian are Muslims. During the communist rule, Muslims were the most persecuted religious community. They were even forced to change their Islamic names. Since the collapse of communism, the things have improved. Now more local people especially women are converting to Islam. the majority of Romanian Muslims are educated elite. they are engineers, doctors, academic and merchants.

Israeli professor and author, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi in his book ‘The Israeli Connection: who Israel arms and why’, says that due to their fear of of Islamic revival, Israelis could be found behind Muslim-minority persecution in many countries. The Jewish population in Romania had been on decline as the great majority of them took aliya to the zionist entity. Both countries have diplomatic relations since Britain-US-Russia gave birth to the zionist entity. Around 13,000 Jews still remain in Romania.

After the crash, a senior Israeli foreign official told the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that Romania along with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, hungary and Bulgaria are the strongest friends Israel has among the European Union member states. The closeness of Israel and Romania could be judged that the Romanian President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister – all has paid visit to Tel Aviv. The radical Jew Foreign Minister of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman visited Romania in April and characterized both countries relations as: “special and strong” – adding Israel “remembered that Romania was only one of the former Eastern block countries that did not cut off diplomatic ties after they were established in 1948”.

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