Delegitimization of Israel

The Zionist mafia never ran out of hoaxes to to scare the hell out of the Western Christian world. First it was the ‘anti-Semitism’, then came the ‘Holocaust’ and the latest Zionist buzz is ‘Delegitimization of Israel’. But the question is how could one delegitimize an entity which was created out of 5,000-year-old foreign country by fraud, bribery, bulling and terrorism – just to solve a part of Europe’s centuries-old ‘Jewish Problem’?

Remember it’s the New Testament which blames the Jews for the crucification of Christ, an allegation which is still part of 1.1 billion Catholics around the world. It was Pope Gregory XIII, Pope Julius III and the French King Louis IX ordered the burning in public all the available copies of Jewish Talmud for preaching hatred towards Christ, his mother Mary and the Christianity at large.

Jews were blamed for the Blood Libel and were expelled from almost every European country for the crimes of their elites (see video below). In modern days the pattern has changed from Christian children blood for rituals to human organ stealing around the world.

According to Israeli PR think tanks – Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) is facing a tough counter-propaganda from self-hating Jews, Muslims and Christians living in North America and Europe. These people, according to the Jewish lobby groups are carrying out the “deletimization” of Israel. The fact is – Israel through its Zionazi actions is delegitimizing United State, its ‘Guardian Angel’.

Allan C. Brownfeld, Editor ‘Issue’, the quarterly journal of ‘The American Council for Judaism’ – wrote an artcle on this subject under the title Delegitimization of Israel: The New Buzzword of Pro-Israel Activism:

The new buzzword in the world of pro-Israel activism is “delegitimization.” This term, used to describe an array of criticisms of Israel and its policies, such as the continuing construction of settlements in occupied territories, has become a major rallying point for established Jewish organizations.

Supporters of this emerging strategy point to the campaign to boycott, divest from and sanction (BDS) Israel as a marker distinguishing “delegitimizers” from genuine critics.

The charge of “delegitimization,” it is clear, is simply a well-coordinated campaign to avoid a real discussion of the Israeli policies which have led to a rift with the U.S. and are contrary to any movement toward real place. Just as the repeated charge of “anti-Semitism” has failed to silence critics, so will the robotic use of the term “delegitimization.” The stakes are too high–for the U.S., for the Palestinians, for the real best interests of Israel–to permit any such effort to stifle free and open discussion to succeed.

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