Bibi: ‘Iran is the ultimate terrorist threat’

Following the footsteps of Ben Obama’s additional sanctions against the Islamic Republic (on top of the fourth round of UNSC sanctions approved last month), the EU too has come up with additional sanctions to calm down its paranoid masters in Tel Aviv. And let us not forget the Canadian government of Harper, who is listed as an “author” on Israel Hasbara Committee list. Its FM Lawrence Cannon has tightening the country’s ‘non-existent’ trade relations with the Iiislamic State. “No state can threaten international peace and security without consequence,” said the dude without realizing that a Poll taken among 15 EU member states in late 2003, 59% of the 7,500 participants named Israel as the greatest threat to the world peace and security.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, which toppled the most friendly US-Israel regime of King Reza Shah – every Zionist stooge in the White House has considered Tehran to be an eminent threat to the very existence of the West’s Zionist experiment in the Middle East.

The current propaganda against Iran’s civilian nuclear program is part the same on-going Zionist crap against the Islamic regime in Tehran. The Israelis have been able to convince the western ZOGs that by putting sanctions against Tehran would make the Iranian public rise against the Islamic government. Now, how stupid one could be to believe Israeli dream – which Israel itself could not achieve by putting crippling sanctions against Islamic government of Hamas in the Gaza Strip since 2006. Hamas is still in power which the Zionist entity has been more isolated in the world community since its coward commandos attacked the Gaza aid flotilla at the international waters murdered nine of Turkish aid workers in cold blood.

Both the US and Israel have been threaten Islamic Repbulic with military action if Tehran doesn’t stop its nuclear enrichment activities, which the country is entitled under NPT (Israel, India and Pakistan all are nuclear powers and none of them is willing to sign NPT). Tehran has been allowing the IAEA teams to inspect its nuclear facilities and in all their reports, the IAEA has confirmed that it has not find a single concrete evidence that Tehran is involved using its nuclear program for military use. Both India and Pakistan have sometimes allowed IAEA teams to visit some of their nuclear plants – but Israel has always refused to allow IAEA team to visit its nuclear facilities at Dimona. According to the former Mossad agent, Mordechai Vanunu, Israel may have between 240-400 nuclear bombs to nuke most of the Middle East and Europe.

Israel’s Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) who could be arrested in several European countries on charges of ‘mass muderer’ – has called the Islamic Republic “the ultimate terrorist threat”, while Bibi’s Zionazi deputy, Moshe Yaalon has boasted that Israel has improved military capability (thanks to Washington’s annual military aid of $3 billion) which could be used against foes in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon or Iran.

The majority of Middle East political analysist agree that the UNSC sanctions are not going to stop Iranian nuclear program, but it might give the hawks in Iran to push the Spiritual Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei to restart the abandoned (in 2003) nuclear program for military purposes.

The ultimate victims in the USsrael-Iran future war would be Iranian public and the US soldiers.

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