Crooke: ‘How Hezbollah defeated Israel’

On Tuesday, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) chief Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi threatened that IOF will “attack highly populated areas of Lebanon” in the future war. So, what is new – Isn’t that’s what the coward zionist Jew soldiers have been doing since 1948? Their history is full of terrorism, targeting infrastructure from the safety of their air power provided by the US, Germany and France.

As expected, the powerful Jewish think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in its July “study” by Daniel C. Kertzer, titled “A Third Lebanon War” – blamed Hizbullah for possesing more military hardware which makes the resistance a greater threat to the Israel’s national security. Daniel create the false fear that the next Israel-Hizbullah military conflict will have devastating effect on American interests (?) in the Middle East. His advice to Ben Obama administration is – “the United States to work to avert a third Lebanon war between Israel and Hezbollah by taking measures to “reassure Israel, deter Hezbollah“, and pressure Syria from providing Hezbollah access to destabilizing weapons. Concurrently, the United states should heighten its preparedness to respond quickly (to save Israel from its third military humiliation) in the event of war between Israel and Hezbollah….”

Ever since the publication of Anthony Cordesman’s book Lessons of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War, in 2006 – the military planners in the Pentagon been showing their deep interest in learning the Islamic Resistance was able to humiliate world’s fourth most powerful army – not once but twice (in 2000 and 2006). However, they’re at loss to understand the truth as they are fed with Israeli point of view – which is always based on more lies than the reality. For example – Israelis still insist that the 34-day Israel-Lebanon War in 2006 was “provoked” by Hizbullah fighters by “abducting” two Israeli soldiers. This lie was long debunked by Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which wrote: “A force of tanks and armored personnel carriers was immediately sent into Lebanon in hot pursuit. It was during this pursuit, at about 11am … [a] Merkava tank drove over a powerful bomb, containing an estimated 200 to 300 kilograms of explosives, about 70 meters north of the border fence. The tank was almost completely destroyed, and all four crew members were killed instantly. Over the next several hours, IDF soldiers waged a fierce fight against Hezbollah gunmen … During the course of this battle, at about 3pm, another soldier was killed and two were lightly wounded”. Hizbullah took those two wounded soldiers as PoW, which was in accordance with the international law.

On October 12, 2006 – Alastair Crooke wrote in the Asia Times under the heading How Hezbollah Defeated Israel: “From the onset of the conflict to its last operations, Hezbollah commanders successfully penetrated Israel’s strategic and tactical decision-making cycle across a spectrum of intelligence, military and political operations, with the result that Hezbollah scored a decisive and complete victory in its war with Israel…..”

In addition to the Zionist entity, only the US and Canada has declared Hizbullah “a terrorist” organization. Hizbullah is the leader of the official Opposition which has 14 elected MPs in 128-member Lebanese parliament. It also shares power with the current ‘Unity government’ of pro-West Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri. Hizbullah has one cabinet minister (Labour Minister Mohammad Fneish), while its Christian, Druz and Shite Amal allies have ten cabinet posts in the 30-strong cabinet.

Hizbullah Secretary General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has constantly said that Lebanon is always in state of war with Israel and Israeli threats will not stop any time soon.

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