Holocaust Vs Genocide

In a brief filed with the International Court of Justice (World Court) at Hague in 1951 – the US government cited just two genocides in the modern times; the one committed by Turkey against Armenians other comitted by Nazi Germany (against Gypsies, Christians, Jews and gays).

The word “genocide” was coined by a Polish Jew scholar, Raphael Lemkin, and authored the US Genocide Convention of 1948.

The word ‘holocaust’ or comes from Greek Holokaustom (Shoah or Catastrophe). Although it appeared in 1942, but the phrase ‘the Holocaust‘ did not become established until 1957. The word “holocaust” has biblical roots, but now the Zionists has reserved it for the killing of European Jews by the Nazis which had 150,000 German Jews and some Jewish terrorist militants among them.

The word ‘holocaust’ was used for the persecution of European Jewry, during and after the WW I. On October 31, 1919 – The american Hebrew published an article, titled The Crucification of Jews Must stop!, written by Martin H. Glynn, former Governor of the state of New York. The article began with: “From across the Sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread….”

These days, the term ‘holocaust’ and ‘Hitler’ has become a political farce. Zionists call every one ‘Hitler’ or ‘holocaust denier’ who dare to criticizes Israel’s Zionazi policies. American politians have been using the word so loosely that it has become butt of jokes. For example, last month ‘Ms Israel’ Sarah Palin criticized Ben Obama’s handling of BP crisis to Hitler’s financial policies. A few months ago, Lillian Rodriguez Lopez of HispanicFederation compared Arizona immigration bill with Nazis treatment of minorities. Last year, Congressman Alan Grayson while speaking in favor of Obama’s universal healthcare bill, said: “American dies every year because they lack health insurance. I apologize to the dead and their families that we have not voted sooner to end this holocaust in America”.

As a logic, why the phrase ‘the Holocaust’ is served only for the pre-planned mass killing of Jews by the Nazis – while many other, even worse, pre-planned mass killings were carried out in modern history. For example, wipe-out of entire native population (100-180 million) in Americana and Australia by the Europe’s Judeo-Christian colonialist; killing of 100 million Russian Christians under Lenin and Stalin (both Jewish) rule; killing of 4 million Bengalis in 1942-45 by the British; killing of 7 million Ukrainian Christians by the communists; 1.5 million killing of Armenian by the Crypto-Jew Turk elites; mass murders and acts of rapes carried out in Bosnia, Rwanda, Uganda, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kenya, Chechyna, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand’ Tamils and Congo; one million Muslim men, women and children murdered by Hindu and Sikh mobs during earlydays of British India’s partition in August 1947 – and the current pre-planned mass killings of natives in occupied Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan – should not they all be classified as “the Holocaust”?

Terrell E. Arnold, a retired senior State Department official and author, wrote last year What The Holocaust Debate Is Really about. In the article Arnold wrote:

1. More than 55 million people died in WW II and the overwhelming majority of them were not Jews.

2. Gen. George S. Patton, who was incharge of occupied Germany disbelieved in several of the mass-killing stories and may have been killed for his outspoken comments.

3. Disturbing stories have emerged that confessions at Nuremberg were obtained by torture. The Red Cross which had access to the camps – still has to bless the official version of the Holocaust.

4. The plagues at Auschwitz tell an evolving story. The first plague at Auschwitz said “Four Million Died”, which was then replaced with the revised figure “Three Million Died”, which was also modified later which read “Two Million Died”. The current plaque reads “One Million Died”.

5. Many Jewish historians including Dr. Finkelstein have questions the official story. The believe that the Holocaust has been used and abused by Zionists to justify their occupation of Muslim-majority Arab land (Palestine).

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