Hasbara: ‘I Am Israel’

I was really amused to read Howard Galganov’s editorial on his website, titled I Am Israel, which was full of Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) lies – from A-Z. Below I debunk some of his lies with historic facts.

Lie # 1: “I rose from the ashes of Hell on Earth we call the Holocaust, because I am Israel“.

Under the Nazi Germany, Gypsies, Christians and Jews, all suffered, but on the other hand, some of Hitler’s top hitmen were Jewish. The Nazi army had close to 150,000 Jewish soldiers. Hitler’s both girlfriends, Stefanie Isak and Eva Braun, were Jewish. The western apologists have failed to prove that Nazis really killed six million Jews – but still Holocaust has become new Jewish religion. And what about the 1.7 million German Christians killed after Nazi Germany surrendered (D-Day)? how come Germans are not alloed to build a ‘Holocaust Museum’ in Germany or elswhere to honor their dead?

Lie #2: “I opened my Jewish doors to Christians, Moslems and all others who yearned to live in religious FREEDOM, because I am Israel”.

In fact, it were Muslim and Christian doors which were forced open by the Jewish terrorism to let the unwanted European Jews settle in British mandate Palestine after WW I. Muslims, Christians and non-European Jews live as low-caste citizens in Israel.

Lie #3: “I ask for nothing other than to be allowed to live in peace and security, so that my children can also grow and prosper under the Sun and Stars like all others, because I am Israel“.

The Zionist leaders have never felt ashamed of making hate speeches against Arabs and non-Zionist fellow Jews. The Zionist entity is the only country in the Middle East which has invaded all its neighboring countries.

Lie #4: “I stand with but a few friends, who stand by me in a hostile world with whom I will stand forever, because I am Israel“.

Now who could be the greatest friend of Israel than Washington which had donated more than US$3 trillion of its taxpayers’ money to Israel since 1970s? But, then the only couple, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed on June 19, 1953, for stealing US nuclear secrets for USSR or the life serving jail sentence, Jonathan Pollard, for stealing close to a million US secrets for Israel or Anna Chapman member of the recent Russian spy network – are all Jewish.

Lie #5: “But I also know that in the end, I will be standing alone, because I’ve always stood alone, because I am Israel”.

When SIX Jewish companies own 96% of world media – it’s not called ‘standing alone’. When the US, Germany, France, australia, Poland, Canada and Britain governments are run by pro-Israel Zionists – it’s not called ‘standing alone’. When the US uses its veto power in the UNSC to shield Israeli crimes than its own imperialism – it’s not called standing alone.

Lie #6: “I live by the tenets of thousands of years of Biblical Covenant to do what is right, regardless of the cost and risk, not just because of the word of God, but more so because without a moral compass there is no direction, because I am Israel“.

Israeli government and its society is run the Talmudic Convenant and not the Torah (OT). And there is no morality in Talmud when it comes to Jesus, his mother Mary and the non-Jews.

And the Israeli Hasbara lies goes on and on.

Arthur Topham wrote an interesting rebutal to Howard’s ‘I Am Israel’ in The Radical Press, under the title “Howard The Lame Duck Zionists”.

Howard, you’re dead wrong in titling your editorial “I AM ISRAEL“.  You definitely ain’t Israel. What you are is just another lame duck Zionist hack attempting to bamboozle the gullible goi with deliberate, confusing subterfuges and insufferable obfuscations all designed to thwart a clear understanding of the true nature of the Beast that you and your ilk perceive as the new Jewish Messiah. I will outline these accusations for you in my critique below. In doing so it’s hoped that readers will see through the deceptive rhetoric and the real purpose for your pathetic attempt to conceal the facts about “Israel”.

You start off (in stereotypical Zionist form) with a massive lie then follow through with more of the same intensity and end on a similar note giving your readers nothing beyond a short cacophonous symphony of contemptible lies that culminates in a crescendo of cunning, annoying noise all designed to further the illusion that the premise of your present existence is valid and true.

In your case though Howard I think you may have emerged again from the Great Mystery, not because you are “Israel” and can therefore legitimately lay claim such a title but likely to learn a harsh lesson that you refused to heed in your past incarnations. You aren’t the true Israel because the entity that you’re now attempting to pawn off to the public as the real thing is, in truth, but a vile and deceptive shadow of the real thing; a by-product of the finite minds of those Pharasaic Talmudic rabbis of old who first conjured up the sacrilegious concept of man as the center and seed of all Creation……..

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3 Responses to Hasbara: ‘I Am Israel’

  1. Arthur says:

    Hello Rehmat calling,

    I’m writing to say thank you for posting that snippet of “Howard the Lame Duck Zionist.” Also to say that some of your comments on Galganov’s statements are very relevant and I wish I had thought of them as well when I was writing my rebuttal to his outlandish “editorial.”

    I also want to draw your attention to your last comment regarding the Talmud. You wrote: “And there is morality in Talmud when it comes to Jesus, his mother Mary and the non-Jews.” I believe that should say “And there is NO morality in the Talmud….”
    The Talmud’s hatred toward Jesus Christ and Mother Mary is one of their better hidden secrets, especially from the Christian “zionists” who have been duped by the Jewish lies.

    I would appreciate hearing from you privately. I’d like to discuss some things with you. My address is radical@radicalpress.com .

  2. rehmat2 says:

    Thanks Arthur for pointing the typo mistake. I have corrected it.

    I have tried your e-mail, but somehow, it doesn’t work for me. Anyway, I prefer readers to use the ABOUT feature to leave their suggestions or questions.

    Hope to get more responses from you.

    With best wishes

  3. Amerikagulag says:

    We would all do well to remember, Marx, Stalin and Lenin were all Jewish. Hitler was half and so was Franco.
    Jews have been kicked out of dozens of countries throughout history. They admit to NONE of them. The Only country they HAVEN’T been kicked out of is EGYPT – YET, that’s the ONLY country they claim to have been kicked out of.

    Israeli massacres by the numbers:

    The ONLY source for Israel’s claim to the land of Palestine is the Bible, which, incidently, JEWS wrote! If the Germans had written the Bible, the Germans would be the “chosen people”. See how it works?

    Israel is the biggest violator of UN resolutions ON THE PLANET.

    Bibi Netanyahu’s REAL name is “Milikovsky”. He is a Lithuanian. His father ‘found’ a ring in Palestine with the name Netanyahu on it and adopted the name.
    Mr. Milikovsky (Netanyahu) is as semite as Leif Erickson.

    Jew means semite like Catholic means Swedish ; it DOESN’T.

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