Can Israel win a war with Hizbullah?

The fighting ability of the US-armed Israeli soldiers can be judged by this small news item which was not reported by any of Zionist-controlled mass media. UPI reported on July 15, 2010 that nine Israeli soldiers accompanied by three tanks failed in their attempt to kidnap a 37-year-old Lebanese shepard from an area inside the so-called ‘Blue Line’. The shepard made escape to a joint checkpoint secured by UN peacekeepers (UNIFIL) and Lebanese army. A joint team of UNIFIL and Lebanese army has been set-up to investigate the incident.

After being humiliated twice by Hizbullah freedom-fighters (2000 and 2006) – Israel is getting prepared to combat with a new Lebanese adversary. Two commercial ships, Mariam and Julia, sailing from Lebanese port. Mariam will carry a large contingent of women from different lands including Nuns and medical supplies. Julia is to carry construction materials. The Israeli government’s knee-jerk reaction was reported by the Jerusalem Post: “The government of Israel has “linked the boat to Hizbullah,” that Yasser Kashlak, Director of the Free Palestine Movement, is “a fervent Hizbullah supporter,” that the true intentions of the organizers “remain dubious,” that the possibility exists that “terrorists or arms will be smuggled on board,” that Lebanon is an enemy country and must be treated “as if they were hostile,” that these boats “which are carrying representatives of Hizbullah and Iran” mean that Israel “reserves its rights under international law to use all necessary means to prevent these ships from violating the existing naval blockade” and that the presence of Samar Haji, the wife of a former Lebanese General “jailed for his part in the assassination of PM Rafiq Harari, “means a real connection with Hizbullah. None of the above is substantiated, none of it belies the true intention of the people who left their homes to participate in a direct act of civil disobedience against the state of Israel which is supported by their representatives in the Congress, and none of it provides either the U.S. or Israel with legal justification for preemptive strikes against a flotilla in international waters.

Israeli government has threaten to stop all ships carrying humanitarian aid for 1.5 million Gaza residents.

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