Obama declares war on Iran for Israel

As expected, on July 1, 2010 Ben Obama under the pressure of Israel Lobby signed the new Senate bill putting new ‘crippling’ sanctions against Islamic republic for being an alleged threat to Israel’s security. These sanctions are in additions to the one the US got through the UN Security Council last month by blackmailing Russia and China. The new bill bans the export of refined gasoline products to Islamic Republic and US banks and their international subsidiaries and foreign banks doing business with the ‘anti-Semite’ Iranians.

In order to show how the world follows Israeli dictates – Zionist press claimed that Iranian commercial planes are being refused refueling rights at airports in Britain, Germany and United Arab Emirates. Tehran dismissed the Israeli propaganda lie.

Step-by-step, the Jewish lobby groups are steering Ben Obama in the same direction as they did to F.D. Roosevelt, who imposed similar sanctions against Japan during WW II. Japan took the American oil embargo as an ‘act of war’ and was forced to attack Pearl Harbor – turning an economic war into a military confrontation between the two countries.

Ben Obama’s assertions that the US sanctions are ‘peaceful’ and meant to ‘contain’ Iranian threat’ – are nothing but Israeli Hasbara lies. Iran has not attacked its neighbors for the last 150 years while the Zionist entity has attacked all of its neighbors during its 62 year existence. Furthermore, Islamic Republic is currently surrounded by countries occupied by the US and NATO forces and the Arab puppet regimes which maintain US military bases for their survivals plus the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) which is pampered with an annual military aid of US$3 billion. Israel also has the largest annual military budget (US$13.7 billion) among the Middle East countries including Iran’s US$6 billion.

The new sanctions on refined oil products are surely going to have negative affect on Iranian economy. Iran has huge oil and gas reserves – but it still imports 30% of its refined products. The construction of new refineries are in progress to offset this foreign dependence. Although, China went along the rest of the ‘international police squad (P5+1)’ to okey new sanction against Islamic Republic – it import 15% of its oil needs from Iran. China’s National Oil Company had signed US$5.5 billion South Pars gas contract in March 2010 – which Obama agreed to over-look.

“There is a dangerous logic to US attempts to choke off gasoline supplies to Iran. As several articles in the US press have pointed out, even if major foreign corporations pull out of the gasoline trade with Iran, Tehran will still have access to refined petroleum products – at a price – through various black markets operating in the Persian Gulf. If financial penalties fail to stop gasoline supplies and bring the Iranian economy to its knees (as it’s not going to happen), a clamor (by the Jewish lobby groups) in the US for a military blockade is certain to intensify,” wrote Peter Symonds, member of WSWS international editorial board.

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