Afghanistan – Senate gets cold feet

The pre-planned Zionist war which began on October 7, 2001 – has now entered month 105 – making it America’s longest war with no hope to win this illegal war. Currently, over 150,000 US and NATO forces equipped with the most modern arms are fighting a loosing war with the rag-tag Taliban and other resistance groups.

During the last 24 hours, 12 foreign soldiers including eight US soldiers have died at the hands of Taliban. During the last six months, 350 foreign soldiers have been killed fighting Taliban – making 2010 the deadliest year in the history of the US occupation of Afghanistan so far.

Richard Holbrooke, Israel Lobby’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan told the Senate: “As you said, Mr. Chairman, there is no military solution here, so as General Petreaus (the military poodle of Zionism) and General McChrystal said, you cannot win this war by killing every member of Taliban”.

For the first time – monthly cost of Afghanistan occupation (US$6.7 billion in February 2010) has surpassed the cost of Iraqi occupation in the same month (US$5.5 billion). The cost of both occupations has already surpassed US$1 trillion mark. As the result of these Zionist-planned wars, the Americans are looking at their country’s highest debt in history – US$12.9 trillion!!

Watching the large increase in American body-bags coming home – several Senators have started getting cold feet and have asked Obama for Afghan war ‘clarity’.

Some of the ‘Israel-Firsters’, such as Henry Kissinger and Robert Gates – however, wants American taxpayers to keep bleeding for the old and new wars for Israel.

Robert Shapiro, a former member of Bill Clinton’s cabinet, has given a green signal to Israel Mossad by saying that Obama is relying on an October surprise in the form of a terrorist attack to rescue his presidency.

Gilad Atzmon in his speech at the ‘Debunking the war on Terror’ Symposium in London (UK) on July 14, 2010, said: “The Israelis realized a long time ago that it’s far cheaper to buy the entire Western political system than buy a single tank. Consequently, British and american soldiers are dying in growing numbers fighting Zionist wars“.

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4 Responses to Afghanistan – Senate gets cold feet

  1. Terry says:

    What is your basis for the argument that Afghanistan primarily is a Zionist war?

  2. Terry says:

    Ok, thanks for that reference.

  3. morris says:

    Afghan Devastation IS the Plan – Chilcot2 later

    All the talk of Failed wars is spin. The primary aim is to destroy the countries, the communities and their way of life. Iraq is therefore a success. Afghanistan is getting there, and Pakistan and Iran are in the plan. All we hear is Obama and Hillary etc, they are in no way making the policy.

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