India is another Israel

“The Indian society does not consist of individuals. It consists of innumerable collection of castes, which are exclusive in their life and have no common experience to share and have no bond of sympathy. The existence of caste system is a standing denial of the existence of those ideals of society and therefore of democracy. An Indian cannot eat or marry with an Indian simply because he or she does not belong to his or her caste. An Indian simply can not touch an Indian because he or she does belong to his or her caste. …. How does an Indian vote in an election? He votes for a candidate who belongs to his own caste and no other Further he considers caste system as a bane to democracy. ‘ Castes are not equal in their status. They are standing one above another. They are jealous of one another. It is an ascending scale of hatred and descending scale of contempt. The feature of caste system has most pernicious consequences. It destroys willing and helpful cooperation,”Ramji Ambedkar in his interview to Voice of America on May 20, 1956. Abedkar, a member of low-caste Hindu community, had chaired the committee that drafted India’s Constitution.

Both India and Israel are artificial entities based on caste system, racism and state-terrorism. Hatred towards Muslims is the bond which keeps them united. Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, is quoted as saying: “The inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”

India is home to world’s largest Muslim minority (145 million), but their representation in political, social and military sectors are far less than the other non-Hindu minorities like Sikhs (20 million) and Christians (25 million). The members of these communities along with Dalit or Harijans (low-caste Hindus numbering 200 million) are all treated as second-class citizen in India. However, Muslims are the main target of Hindu religious fanatics (Hindutva). Like Israeli Mossad’s false-flag terrorist operations, Indian intelligence RAW too create false-flag operations and try to pin them on Indian Muslims or neighboring Pakistan.

The Network of Hindutva Terror , according to Indian writer Manisha Sethi, was behind Samjhuata Express blast (Feb. 2007), Ajmeer Sharif blast (Oct. 2007), Malegaon bomb blast (2008), Mumbai terrorist attacks (2008) and Goa blast (2009). “What is required urgently is a throughgoing enquiry into all the bomb blasts that have taken place in the last few years from the blast in UP, Mumbai train blast, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad as well as Modasa and Nanded, and a strict scrutiny of Hindutva organizations and their links to the RSS. But above all, their must be an end to impunity. All those who have falsely framed innocents (mostly Muslims) in terror cases, inflicted torture, forged evidence, bullied witnesses and misrepresented facts in chargesheets ought to be prosecuted…..”, wrote Manisha Sethi.

Dr. S.M. Rahman in July article, titled India is another Israel But has not yet caught the eye, published in ‘Opinion Maker’, wrote:

I shall narrate one instance of one of my own students at Rajshahi University, Department of Psychology (former East Pakistan), who after the emergence of Bangladesh had gone to India for his doctorate in the University of Allahabad. When he had visited Lahore for a conference, he met me with incredible love and affection. When I asked him as to what were his experiences in India, he said, “one of the very shocking one was that, when I had submitted my thesis for the approval to the Professor (my supervisor), there was some errors to be corrected. He offered his pen, but to his bewilderment, the full Professor of the University refused taking pen from a Muslim as it would pollute him.” So the ‘myth of India’ which was so arduously created through the Indian media during the days when Bangladesh had not come into being, I thought that myth was eroded from his mind. There were many other ‘experiences’ which did not match with the ground realities. I am not touching much about the massacre of Muslims in Gujrat. How were they chopped off like carrots and radish? It is indeed very painful to recall the Ayodhiya episode of demolishing the historical Muslims mosque. Besides Muslims, Dalits, even Christians were not spared. How a Pope along with his family members were burnt alive inside the car at Orissa. Several other incidents of raping of Christian nuns and their killing, have come to light.

If Kashmir issue were resolved Pakistani society would emerge as a paradise of peace. It has no extra territorial ambitions as India has. No doubt, there are differences among the Islamic faith just as there are so many denominations in Protestant faith, leaving alone the broad division between the Catholics and the Protestants. Allah has never designed the world for a monolithic order. The dignity of diversity is to be preserved. The miscreants, who are committing acts of terrorism, are essentially trying to fan divisions between Muslims. This is an age old strategy of balkanizing Muslims and atomizing them into as many splinter groups as possible. This is to break their unity. The terrorists are fully equipped with sophisticated weapons, which our police force does not possess. Where from are they coming? Who is funding them? These are the questions to be resolved through a well deliberated counter-terrorism strategy achieved through a broad consensus among the political parties.

Ironically, a ‘construct’ of ‘conspiracy’ has been created as a propaganda gimmick, in order to discredit any hypothesis/idea which is likely to be proven factual. It is a strategy of camouflaging facts and realities. There is thus a ‘big conspiracy’ against the so called ‘conspiracy theories.’ It is much easier to dismiss a reality by simply saying: “Ah! It is one of those ‘conspiracy theories.’ The terrorists, who are rampant in Pakistan, are not ‘Taliban’. Pakistani Taliban or Punjabi Taliban are some of the semantic manipulations to defame Pakistan as if it were an abode of radicals, fanatics and ‘terrorists.’. India on the other hand is free from such menace. That there are fissiparous trends in 17 or more Indian states is very shrewdly concealed. What about the Naxellites? They are overly active in quite a number of states, and that they are gaining in strength. India is finding it difficult to contain them. Were Indian forces not involved in fanning Tamil separatism in Sri Lanka?

Pakistan’s radicalism is a post 9/11 phenomenon. The society, otherwise was relatively quite peaceful, adhering to the middle –of-the-road approach to Islamic ideology. Unfortunately, General Ziaul Haq in order to perpetuate his hold, produced radical forces to fight against the former Soviet Union.  USA patronized them and when the Red Army had left Afghanistan, USA quite callously abandoned the freedom fighters. If a national government comprising representatives of Pakhtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks and other minorities would have been formed, Afghanistan would not have been in the state of chaos as it is . The fault is entirely of USA, which covertly wanted it to be fragmented through warlordism.

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  1. Arshiah says:

    Much appreciated; you have a vivid understanding of Indian politics. Salam from Free Kashmir inshallah

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