The real President of USA

The American voters think that they have made history by electing Barack Obama – as the first Black President. However, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi), in his interview with Katie Couric told the Americans that Obama may be living in the White House, but he takes dictate from Bibi.

Last March when Benjamin Netanyahu came to the White House, Obama dumped him for dinner. For this act of ‘anti-Semitism’, Obama was called a “secret Muslim” and “Jew hater”. However, this time Obama had to teach a lesson to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Brazilian President Lula for voting against new UNSC sanctions against the Islamic Republic. He endorsed the war-criminal Bibi as “man of peace”. Ben Obama praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a man who “wants peace” and is “willing to take risks for peace.”Obama went to extraordinary lengths in his efforts to rehabilitate Netanyahu and Israel in the face of popular anger internationally over its blockade of the Gaza Strip and the suffering this inflicts on the Palestinians. He said nothing about the continued construction of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and did not urge an extension to the partial freeze.

On Wednesday, CBS’s Jew anchor, Katie Couric, interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu. She wanted to know why 71% of Israeli Jews hate Obama? She also wanted to know if Bibi trusts Obama? Is Bibi satisfied with Obama’s policy towards Islamic Iran? Ignoring Bibi’s rant – Katie, however, did succeed in telling her Americans audience that the important thing is what Netanyahu thinks is better for them and not their elected President.

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