How to destroy Hizbullah and Hamas?

On June 30, 2010 – Mark Perry wrote an Hasbara (propaganda) piece in the Foreign Policy (FP) under the title ‘CENTCOM thinks outside the box on Hamas and Hezbollah’. Mark complained that while it’s sort of ‘anti-Semitism’ to mention anything about Hizbullah and Hamas in official Washington circles – some senior intelligence officers at US Central Command (CENTCOM) have been carrying out some activities without the blessing of Israel lobby groups.

In March 2010 – the ‘Red Team’ at CENTCOM had prepared a 5-page report, titled ‘Managing Hamas and Hizbullah‘. The report had questioned Washington’s current policy of isolating and marginalizing Hamas and Hizbullah to protect the zionist regime from its ultimate demise. Instead, the report recommended that the best way to harness these Islamic Resistance would be to integrate both Hamas and Hizbullah into the PA and Lebanese forces – lead by pro-West secularist military elites. The report had concluded: “The US role of assistance to an integrated Lebanese defense force that includes Hizbollah and the continued training of Palestinian security forces (Fatah) in a Palestinian entity that includes Hamas in its government, would be more effective than providing assistance to the entities – the government of Lebanon and Fatah – that represents only a part of Lebanese and Palestinian populace respectively”.

Some senior CENTCOM officers involved in preparing the report say that though the out-going CENTCOM commander, Gen. David Petreaus, had read the report – it’s hardly expected that he would be honest enough to pass-on the recommendation to Zionist-controlled Obama administration. Gen Petreaus is known for his blind support for the Zionist entity. Professor James Petras in his March 8, 2008 article had called Gen. Petreaus a ‘millitary poodle of Zionism‘.

Gen. Petreaus’s military career is a tale of honesty and dishonesty, opportunism, and cowardice. It indicates that Gen. David Petraeus, who just replaced Gen. McChrystal as commander of foreign forces in Afghanistan, has frankly assessed that the intimate U.S. relationship with Israel is costing U.S. lives in the Middle East. But he’s concerned that his views may cost him politically and so uses buddies in the media to conceal them.

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