Petreaus: ‘We are in this to win’

On July 4, the Jewish Wall Street Journal was the first one to support the open lie of the military poodle of Zionism, Gen. David Petreaus, who after taking command of NATO forces in Kabul called upon the military and civilians leaders to unite in their support for the war (for oil and drugs on behalf of Israel Lobby) and show “we are in this to win”. Only some brainwashed idiots would believe the General, who is known for lying by blaming Islamic Iran for his military humiliations in occupied Iraq – in order to make a case for a new US war for Israel against Iran.

On June 11, 2010 – another Jewish mass-media outlet, The New York Times, reported that the US Viceroy in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, told senior Afghan officials that he “doubts the West can defeat Taliban”. Karzai have been trying to cut a secret deal with Taliban and Pakistan using his friendly relations with Tehran, to shore up his presidency.

Last year, the fired NATO boss, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, sent a 64 page report on situation in occupied Afghanistan to Ben Obama, which practically summed up “We’ve lost”. McChrystal wrote in the report: “The insurgents cannot defeat us militarily, but we can defeat ourselves”.

The war Washington started in October 2001 – had no clear national purpose. It was planned several months ahead of September 11, 2001 tragedy. The real purpose of the war was greed for Caspian oil and intrupted supply of heroin – both to benefit the Russian Jew mafia and Israel in particular. The plan was hatched by pro-Israel Jew and Christian neocons and Israel Mossad. The blue prints of 9/11 were prepared by Perle, Kissinger, Feith, Mark Zell, Lewis Libby, Wolfowitz, etc. The mass propaganda to provide cover for Israeli involvement was lead by journalists like Judith Miller, Russert, Novak, etc. and all the Jewish owned  mainstream media.

On September 11, 2009 – The Christian Science Monitor reported: “Eight years after 9/11, Taliban roils 80 percent of Afghanistan”.

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