Israel’s British dogs

Last March when British Zionist-puppet government announced its intention of expelling one of Israeli diplomats involved in forging the passports for the Israeli Mossad Zionazi cowards who carried out the assassination of one of senior Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh – Two members of Zionist Knesset, Aryeh Eldad (MK) and Michael Ben-Ari (MK) called Brits “unloyal dogs”, which could be true, as Jewish Talmud considers all non-Jewish people as sub-human.

The reason the Israelis expect British government to be loyal to a parasite state (Israel) – because like the US politicians – majority of British politicians have sold their Christian souls for the anti-Christs’ money. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was called “Friend of Israel” by Zionist entity’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for supporting the invasion of Iraq for Israel in 2003 and later he also supported Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006 – in which Israel’s 30,000-strong army was defeated by less than 2000 Hizbullah fighters. Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband is listed on Israel’s official Hasbara (propaganda) Committee as “author” Miliband’s boss, Gordon Brown, was an Israeli poodle. The current British Prime Minister David Cameron has boasted of his Jewish roots.

Stuart Littlewood in his July 4 article explains why the hope that the UK Liberal Democrat Party leader Nick Clegg’s presence in the governing coalition would have a moderating affect on the rabid Conservative Zionists is misplaced. Following a recent exchange with Clegg, he concludes that the junior coalition partner has fallen in with the Tory Zionists.

“It’s pointless calling for the blockade (Gaza) to be lifted. You have to smash it – with warships excercising nearby. Israel’s promise to ‘ease it’ is purely cosmetic”.

“British governments have spent nearly 93 years betraying the Palestinian people and continue to do so while slavishly supporting the Israeli regime in its program of occupation, oppression, ethnic-cleansing and collective punishment”.

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One Response to Israel’s British dogs

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    Re: “Clegg…has fallen in with the Tory Zionists.”

    “Fallen in with”?

    That’s laughable. Of course they were all on the same page all along.

    I said the same thing to Gilad Atzmon, when he said that things should change if Clegg became Prime Minister. Clegg was not designated to become Prime Minister, and even if he had become PM, nothing at all would ever change.

    All of them — Tory, Labour, BNP, Lib-Dem, Respect, etc — they’re all run by the same crew, from 60 Great Queen Street (via Thames House too).

    Not every single party. But these ones mentioned for sure, and ernough elements in the regional parties to keep the set-up going according to “The Great Work” (Tikkun Olam) plan.

    Do I go too far?

    I don’t think so. Years of experience have taught me.

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