Ayatullah Fadlallah passes away

Ayatullah Sayyed Muhammed Hussein Fadlallah 74, the spiritual leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance group met his Creator (Allah) in a Beirut hospital on Sunday (today).

Inna lilah wa inna aliahe rajioon (To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return)

Ayatullah Fadlallah had been closely linked with Hizbullah since it was founded in 1982 to expel the Israeli thugs from Southern Lebanon, which the Resistance succeeded in 2000. Later in Summer 2006, Hizbullah gave a crushing defeat to the so-called ‘world’s fourth most powerful army’. The Israelis are still licking their wounds after four years.

Ayatullah Fadlallah was born in Najaf (Iraq) – where he studied Islamic science before settling in Lebanon in 1952. In the following decades, he delivered many lectures, engaged in intense scholarship, wrote dozens of books, founded several religious schools and established orphanage group, the Al-Mabarrat Association.

Ayatullah Fadlallah had escaped several assassination attempts by Israeli Mossad and Saudi-funded CIA attempt on March 8, 1985 Beirut car bombing which killed 80 people.

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One Response to Ayatullah Fadlallah passes away

  1. rehmat2 says:

    CNN has fired octavia Nasr, its 20 year veteran based in Atlanta for praising Grand Ayatullah Fadallah on Twitter: “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadallah – one of Hezbollah’s gaints I respect a lot,” the New York Times reported.


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